Friday, January 15, 2010


Max is sulking today. He found out the vet wants him to participate in their "Biggest Loser Program". He thought he was quite fit, but he tips the scales at a whomping 104 pounds. When the vet said he needed to lose some weight, I thought, "Yeah, so do the rest of us after those holiday goodies..." He's not real pleased that he has to be weighed every month (who would be!) but doesn't he look eager to earn free vacinations? Poor thing, it just keeps getting worse...

Be blessed today,


  1. Poor Max, I know how he feels. I too, need to lose more than I want to admit! LOL! He's a gorgeous dog!!
    Thank you for your comment on my blog! I enjoy it when you comment, I don't get too many who are willing to leave comments. Always enjoy your blog.

  2. Free Vaccinations? I think that Junie should join that program too! (Not that she needs it...Ha ha)

  3. Or poor Max. . . it's not fun. . . but like all of know. . . he'll feel better. (I know I do when I drop a few pounds!) But please do tell him that he is a very handsome boy. . .!!
    xo, Bren

  4. oop. . . I means to say, "like all of US know. . .
    - Bren

  5. I am wondering if you weighed him after he got a hair cut.. Liz always say's she loses a pound or two...

  6. poor Max! The only way I'd do biggest loser is if I got cookies at the end! Love the new blog name and header!!!

  7. Hi Renee,

    It was a succes, I made the Blueberry French Toast for this mornings breakfast. I made it with dried French Bread. It was wonderful. I made a half of recipe for three and we have three more servings left over.

    It has already been requested for another morning....

    Now I ma going to pass it on to others,

  8. A couple of months ago, my dog was on steroids and wanted to eat EVERYTHING in sight, and we were always getting "a talking to" from the vet regarding her weight. The vet recommended filling her up with low sodium canned green beans- maybe that will help. (Dieting stinks!!!)


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