Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Sew Fun Tree

This little tree sits in my sewing room. It is a work in progress. The garland is made from some very old yo-yo's from my very first live auction down in Amish country. During the auction I inadvertently scratched my nose and bid on a rather expensive item. Fortunately, my friend Nancy, quickly showed me how to shake it off. So when this box of yo-yo's appeared, I was too frightened to move and had her bid on it. The talking is so fast, it's hard to understand anything, especially how much you just agreed to spend. The ornaments are vintage button cards with a ribbon through them. After Christmas, when I have some time, I plan on making some ornaments from some 100+ yr. old tiny blocks my sweet Mom-in-law gave me from her side of the family. I'm lost for an idea for a topper for this tree, and would welcome any suggestions. Have a blessed Tuesday!


  1. How could I have never noticed this little tree before?!? Good thing I read your blog! :-D
    It's so you!

  2. Hey you! The tree is new this year. I began working on it a couple of weeks ago!

  3. I have always wanted to do a tree in my sewing room. I love the way you decorated yours. The Yo-yo garland is perfect. (I've always been too intimadated to go to an aution, so I'm impressed that you and your friend even attempted one)I looked around my sewing room at the collections of things I have and the only suggestion I have is a topper out of something made out of old spools.
    You have inspired me to think ahead about next year and plan time to do a tree in my favorite room. Heaven knows I have plenty of sewing "decorations".
    Renee, I wanted to thank you again for visiting me at my blog. you are always so sweet.


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