Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Glove Tree

Winter greetings from Michigan! We are getting blasted with a snow storm. My teenage daughter is already planning on not having school tomorrow. Of course, she'll still want me to take her to the mall... Thought I would share with you the tree in the dining room today. It is decorated with vintage gloves, small fancy hats and various red and black ornaments. The topper is a velvet hat with long gloves coming from it. It looks pretty with the toile wallpaper. I have alot of fun with this room, playing with color and texture. I'm a bit behind with my Christmas shopping. I did just order a pair of pink cowboy boots for my 2 yr. old niece, so much fun! How is your shopping coming along?


  1. Thanks for visiting my site, Renee! I love the idea of a glove tree. :-)

    My Christmas preparations are inching their way along. Last year, my husband had the wonderfully wise idea of decorating using a "Twelve Days of Christmas" philosophy. We packed each room's decoration into their own boxes, marked each one with a description and a number. This year, I started with number 1 and began decorating with one box each day for twelve days. I started early so I could skip days when my energy level was low, and so far, it has worked out well. Next year, I might add "to-do's" also, like baking cookies or making hard-tack candy. As far presents? I try to keep it to a minimum. We generally give baked goods to our neighbors who give baked goods to us, and then donate to charities in our relatives' names.

  2. I love the "Twelve Days of Christmas" idea! I haven't even gotten to thinking about baking yet, thanks for the reminder. You sound like you've got it all under control. I'm jealous!


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