Thursday, March 6, 2014

Bits & Bobs

I hadn't planned on being away so long.  We took our daughter to Chicago for a few days for her spring break.  By train it is about four hours to get to Chicago from our home.  The train is never on time though, there is always a delay.  I really don't mind it because I can read or knit, this time with my sweet daughter asleep on my shoulder.  At 19, it's a rare moment to have her for so long and I certainly enjoyed it.  I kept telling her that the best part was the train ride because I had her all to myself.

I finished knitting my Follow Your Arrow shawl, it just needs blocking.  It was a lot of work.  I'm a bit disappointed with it because it is not as big as I would like and doesn't wrap well.  It doesn't work as a scarf either.  Hopefully blocking it will make it much larger.  I found Miss Babs online for yarn.  Oh my goodness, this yarn is so pretty, it's called "Shining City".  Talk about great customer service.  I even received a little gift of yarn and a stitch marker.  I love those special touches.  I'm thinking of knitting socks with it.

I happened to be standing on the rug in the front hallway yesterday and thinking how one wall could use a mini quilt of some kind.  As I glanced down at my feet, I was inspired by the rug and began pulling fabrics.  I need to search for the right pattern but currently I'm working on a special baby quilt so it will have to wait.  I finally caved in and bought Lizzy House "Cat Nap".  Would you look at those three blind mice with their little glasses and canes!  It's a different color palette for me, but I love the fabric.  What have you been up to?



  1. I hope your shawl does get bigger with's so pretty! the new yarn is gorgeous.
    Looking forward to seeing your mini.
    I didn't get any "cat nap" but those mice are too cute!
    Have a great rest of the week, Renee! xo Erin

  2. Yes, it certainly is rare, and treasured, when our older kids get to spend special time with us. I am so glad you had that time together:>) Love looking at your projects, yarn and fabrics. We have been working on the kitchen this week. No kitchen sink and a HUGE mess with sawdust on every surface of the house. We are sprinting toward the finish line with the new counter top though and should have it done by this weekend. I can't wait to have running water in the kitchen again!

  3. I love those fabrics you chose! I have been busy moving so have not gotten much sewing done!

  4. What a charming blog you have! Love it. I came over from Janice's blog and what fun to visit you. I LOVE fabrics so that caught my eye right away. Your studio is similar to mine. Very very nice. Happy sewing.

  5. I just love the pics of your beautiful fabrics. They make me want to go fabric shopping, even though I know I shouldn't! I am new to your blog but already looking forward to your next post! :)

  6. Thanks for the link to Miss Babs! Looking for the color of yarn on your little skein... does it have a name attached? LoVE iT!

    1. Lori, it is called Shaken, not Stirred. It is a new yarn so you may have to email her if it's not on the site. Happy Knitting!

  7. I think your shawl turned out pretty! Maybe it will get a little bigger with blocking. Love the new yarn you got too! So pretty!! Thanks for sharing the site, I'll have to go check that out :) And your new fabrics are sweet, love the little mice!! Too cute! Can't wait to see your baby blanket your working on! :) Happy Sunday xo Holly

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