Monday, November 4, 2013

Holiday Pillow Talk Swap

After participating the in the Strawberry Pincushion Swap hosted by the lovely Erin, I was eager to do another swap.  I was fortunate to get into the Holiday Pillow Talk Swap and have been working on the pillow for my partner.  The top photo shows my progress so far.  I have a really neat idea for the book. I'm having a lot of fun with this.  The partners are kept secret and we ask them questions on Flickr about whether or not we are headed in the right direction.  If she tells me this is not for her, I will still have enjoyed making it and then I'll start on a different one.  I didn't have to go to far to get inspired, I noticed that the same colors can be found in my yarn.  Recently I was blessed by this comment on another post:

I don't know you, I'm just a reader of your blog but I wanted to comment that I so appreciate how everything you make seems to go together. You have a style and you're good at that style. I'm only 2 years into quilting (with a full-time job) so I think I'm still figuring that out. My imagination says your stash is all cohesive in your style sense. Mine's a bit all over. You inspire me to work on that. Great job!

Thank you, Lisa, for that comment.  It has taken me a long time to figure out what style I like.  I have made so many quilts for others and have used such a variety of fabrics that they liked and it gave me an opportunity to really think about what I like and the direction I wanted my style to go.  Lately I have been really working at pulling things from my stash before I head out the door to the quilt shop. I would hardly ever venture out from a fabric line and I'm enjoying adding other fabrics to that fabric line for that extra pop of pattern and color in a quilt.  I encourage you to keep at it, for your style will certainly emerge.  Often all it takes is looking around you at the colors you use in your home and your clothing as well as your garden.  Blessings!



  1. I am loving your pillow progress! This is a really fun swap. Your yarn stash is so pretty too!

  2. Thank you for the encouraging words!

  3. I just love your pillow project! may I ask where I can find the pattern?

    1. Hi Lina, the block can be found in the summer issue of 100 Quilt Blocks.

  4. I am just stopped to visit your website and I say a great visit anda very good..

  5. I love how you have taken that block and translated it into Christmas! I love the colors and all those special bits of fabric you have used!


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