Tuesday, September 3, 2013


I hope you had a good holiday weekend.  I finished putting the binding on this quilt for some special newlyweds.  The wedding colors were navy, green and lavender.  I apologize for the coloring in the pictures, still trying to get the light just right.  I took my girl to college on Saturday.  My son's girlfriend, Mallory (driving) was such a huge help moving Maddie in.  I get my son for a couple more days then he is back to college as well.  I will be an empty nester…I can barely type it.  Lots of change on the horizon.  Have a good Monday!



  1. Boy girl! You quilt fast! This one is beautiful!

  2. Lucky newly weds! That quilt is gorgeous!! Love the colors.

    Happy Sewing!

  3. Hi,

    Beautiful Quilt! I made this pattern before. I'll send you a picture. :)


  4. The quilt is beautiful! Empty nesting can be ok. The kids will be home for holidays so they aren't leaving permanently yet! Lots more time to quilt! :>)

  5. I love your gorgeous quilt, those colours are just fab!
    And all the best to Maddie as she starts a new adventure and to you as you enter a new phase :-)

  6. Beautiful wedding quilt. It will be cherished.

  7. Another wonderful quilt!! You put them together so nicely!! Lovely color and pattern combo! :) Have a great day Renee! xo Holly

  8. I love my children with a passion that is beyond measure - just like all other moms. But I'm here to testify that when you get past that initial empty nest blues you will find great joy in your new life. I think God gives us seasons in our lives, just like He does nature. There is beauty in each one, joy in each day if only we look at it through His eyes. blessings, marlene

  9. Very pretty. Renee expect tears and sadness, but then that starts going away and you will the find the things that make it nice having an empty nest.


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