Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Sewing Pretty

Being trapped in my sewing room for nine and half hours made me very, very productive.  I took a break from the normally scheduled sewing program to work on a quilt for my bed.  I have been collecting fabric for this for a long time.  Most of the fabric is Old, New Collection by Atsuko Matsuyama with the rest a combination of Lecien and some Lakehouse fabrics.  There is just something about this fabric that makes my heart sing.  You know how much I love Flower Sugar by Lecien, but it is very bright and not what a wanted for my bedroom.  These fabrics are rich but more subtle in color and are so, so pretty. I am making a quilt from the book, Large-Block Quilts by Victoria Eapen.  The pattern is called "Three Steps Forward" and it uses the Jacob's Ladder block.  These blocks are 18"x18". I will need 25 for a king-size quilt (if I did my math correctly).  I am enjoying this quilt so much.  On the house front, the floors are coming along quite nicely.  The gentlemen are already here today, pounding away.  We are also getting some work done on the outside of the house, replacing a sidewalk and putting in some flower beds.  As you may recall from earlier pictures, we didn't have any. My kids keep saying that its like an episode of extreme home make-over here.  I wish it was, then I wouldn't have to pay for it.  It sure is helping me adjust to moving to get these projects done.  It's starting to feel like my home and that is quite a nice shift in perspective for me.  Have a good day, friends!



  1. It's looking very nice!
    Did you know that your blog header is messed up? At least the past couple of times I have looked at your blog. I guess the best way to describe it, is that it looks smeared?

    1. Hi Missy! Its fine on my end and I've had some people check from their computers and they did'nt see anything wrong so I'm not sure what happened. Hopefully it's ok now!

  2. Looking very nice!! Beautiful fabrics you have to play with! Love the brick outside too!! Happy day to you! xo Holly

  3. Love the pattern you are using and the fabrics! I will be so pretty. Floor is looking good and I love bricks in landscaping. I wanted to be in my sewing room on my day off but I am canning green beans and need to do a couple errands. Hopefully later this afternoon I can finish off what is on my cutting table. Have a great day!

  4. Of good! New stuff. Your quilt will be lovely

  5. Your quilt is going to be so beautiful!! xo Heather

  6. Love hardwood floors ... we've put them in all our houses (actually, we did the work ourselves on the last two houses ... not really hard, just time consuming). Brickwork in a garden is a favorite of mine ... we have a sad looking yard in this new (to us) house ... plans for next year include more outside work than inside work! You are never done with work around a house! The quilt looks beautiful ... looking forward to seeing it as work progresses! Keep stitchin!! Linda

  7. beautiful! i have just found you so am happy to be your newest follower! x


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