Tuesday, August 13, 2013

My Current Project

Thank you friends for your kind words.  It is a comfort to know that others have traveled this path before me and some of you are traveling it with me and your words of advice are so helpful.  I want to share with you a book that a friend of mine recommended.  It has been very helpful but be careful if you are in a tender place because I couldn't get through the first three pages without tears.  Tears can be helpful too (insert hug).  I am currently working on hand quilting a baby quilt.  I'm using Seaside by October Afternoon and the solid is linen.  A simple churn dash block kept the piecing simple and straight forward, just what I need.  Have a blessed day!



  1. Hi Renee.
    Oh my, I just read your previous post and my heart tugs for you. I know that feeling so well. Leaving CA, going to FL and then here in MS. I remember when my pastor called us to see how we settled in and I cried just hearing his voice! I kept telling him how much I missed everyone, he must have thought I was nuts. :o) At the same time, the pain has given me an even deeper compassion for others, in the same situation. That pain is so real and I wish I could just give you a hug! :o)
    I too am working on a quilt using seaside. Imagine that! :o) ha ha ha.
    Have a lovely day dear friend. Trish xo

  2. Take care. Whenever you are down, head to the nearest quilt shop and mosey around. You'll soon find some friends! When we moved to our current hometonw in 1978 I didn't care for it very much. Just not like where we came from. But now, I can't imagine living anywhere else.

  3. I like the look of your quilt so far. Enjoy your book

  4. A quilt is the perfect project for you Renee. It is lovely. I am happy that you have a book to read that hopefully will help you with this new move and new changes. I am praying for your family.

  5. Your newest quilt is so sweet and I love those prints!! I have some of them from the line and need to make them in to a quilt! Wishing you a sweet day! xo Heather

  6. I have followed your poost for a long time, have moved too many times to count, have shied away from making close friends because we have to leave them and have had to find new churches to attend each time my husband goes to a new school district. I hear you about people not being social, but we lived in Dundee for a period of time. We found a wonderful reformed church of believers to attend in Lambertville. I know it is a drive (we have driven an hour to go to a faithful church) it is Assembly of Christians. We felt very welcomed, always greeted, invited to potlucks, Bible studies and individuals homes. I know it is a drive, probably all of the hour, but I would encourage you to try this church.
    Long post, sorry! I love your windows in the shop in Kzoo. We will be meeting friends just down the street from there on Saturday. We live in the Thumb right now, but we are looking forward to retiring to Hudsonville where we attend a URC there and are putting down roots.
    Blessings! Moving is hard but you have such a cheery attitude, you will make it!
    Kathy N

  7. I am working on some simple projects right now too. After all the turmoil of losing my mom, I need simplicity. I just finished a super simple scrap table runner, not perfect, but a good busy project to get my mind off things. Sewing can be so therapeutic! I have been thinking of trying linen in some quilts, how was it to work with? I have heard it shifts all over and is hard to keep straight.

  8. I just love those prints and colors together!! It will be so pretty! Wishing you a lovely day! xo Holly

  9. Hi Renee, I have that book too and found it very helpful when we moved here six years ago. Being empty nesters made moving a bit more challenging because so many women already have a close group of friends. I missed by friends "back home" so much and didn't think I'd ever find any close friends-but I did. I think quilting is the perfect thing to do and also blogland helped me tremendously.
    Hugs today.

  10. Dear Renee, I am only 35 minutes away! Ready to meet up with you anytime you are up to it! <3 It's a strange world we live in. Social media and technology have opened doors and created walls at the same time. It seems people do not take the time for a simple "Hey hi!" anymore. But at the same time, it opens doors for folks that would otherwise have never met. You have always been an inspiration to me. I think I've told you that before. I have never quilted and your beautiful work has me eager to start. And, I will! As soon as I clear up 5 years worth of neglect around this old house and make the time to move my interests indoors. (Recently left a job and looking forward to a simpler, joy filled life. Another story!) Seriously, let em know if you are ready to meet up and I'll clear the date on my NOT busy calendar. LOL I feel we are kindred spirits brought together here for a reason! Think of the trouble we could get into together! ;)


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