Tuesday, July 2, 2013

With Paper

I apologize for my lack of posting.  Once my sewing room is up and running I will have lots to show you.  It has been crazy around here with boxes still being unpacked and painters coming in and out. It's a good kind of crazy, as I keep trying to tell myself.  I have a very large space above my mantle and not one thing seemed to work there so last night I located the box with all the scrapbook paper I have been collecting and decided to make a wreath.  Easy peasy, just a little time consuming.  I watched "Sleepless in Seattle" and started rolling away.  I cut a large circle using a dinner plate as a template out of cardboard (we have tons right now) and began hot gluing them starting from the outside and working in.  I like how it turned out, but it's big, about 33" round.  The red walls are gone and I've been pulling out all the pretties, which is the fun part.  I'm enjoying the little gardens that I have in back. I have not had ornamental grasses before.  I'm not sure how I feel about them being an old-fashioned flower kind of girl but they remind me of being a child in the dunes on the shores of Lake Michigan, especially when the wind is blowing, so for now I'm keeping them.  I'm looking forward to the fourth and a few days away with my husband.  This past Saturday Maddie boarded a plan to Ireland, all by herself, to meet up with a missions group in Dublin.  Yes, I bawled like a baby when she left but I'm looking forward to all the wonderful things God has planned for this trip.  Blessings!



  1. !Hi Renee- we miss you in Kzoo! Wow- Maddie in Ireland- this is a good week for you get used to the empty nest:) You can do this!

  2. Hey girlfriend, love the addition of 4th of July decorations on the front porch... and the paper wreath is very nice. Glad it's starting to feel like your place. So excited you get to visit the lake...

  3. Your wreath is beautiful. It must feel more like home the more of your things that make it out of the boxes and onto the shelves. I hope you are settling in more Renee. I am anxious to see more of your lovely home.


  4. I think your ornamental grass is very pretty. I love the pink. The wreaths turned out great - going to have to try that myself.

    Enjoy your weekend with your husband. Those weekends away are precious times and all to few. Praying for your daughter's traveling mercies and mission work.

  5. Beautiful wreath and home!! So glad you are settling in! Wishing you a wonderful weekend with your husband and a Happy 4th!! xo Heather


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