Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Balancing Act

I truly am my own worst enemy and the reasons for that are many.  Today I'll just stick to discussing my short attention span these days.  I know I should be packing - purging- purging - packing but I keep walking by that quilt.  It only needs two more borders and it needs to go to the quilter yesterday.  In the midst of selling some furniture a tennis ball was discovered and it was enough to keep me ineffective for way too long.  It belonged to dear, sweet Max who used to shove them under my dresser and then try to dig them out, which he couldn't do.  I spent countless times on my hands and knees looking for his ball.  It was a bittersweet find, how I miss that dog!  Is it possible to get some kind of parental controls that keeps me off of pinterest?  Something that only my husband can remove? Seriously, what's with all the pretty spring pins? Oh, and that's a stack of bills by the computer that need to be paid.  Geesh...



  1. I am the same way with packing, it seems like the bigger the time constraint the easier it is to get side tracked!

  2. Possibly to get started you could set a timer or put music on? After xxx minutes or xxx songs you could give yourself permission to get distracted for xxx minutes? Sort of a reward without the calories? Packing is a pain but it's so interesting because you really never know what you'll find!

    1. Such good ideas, Lisa! I'll have to try them for sure!

  3. As soon as I saw the ball I knew immediately "who" it belonged to. Such a sweet guy he was. :o) Good luck on staying of pinterest. :o) They should have a warning label! Ha ha ha! Miss Maddie is going to love her quilt. It is gorgeous!! I can't wait to start mine! :o)

  4. I keep coming back to look at your Marcelle Medallion--it's beautiful! I also want to cry at the thought of the ball and the little guy who isn't there to play with it any more. My buddy is nearly 10 years old and such a big part of my heart. Big hugs. With Pinterest and the internet in general, I set a time limit for myself for how long I allowed myself to be on the computer because I was spending too much time on it and not present enough in my own life. I now need a 12 step program to stay away from constantly checking the apps on my phone, Pinterest included. Yeesh!

    Good luck with the sorting out and move.

  5. I would have a hard time not being distracted by that quilt, when I get to that stage I just want to finish them! YOu have a lot on your plate, it's pretty normal to not know where to begin when moving. I think the dreaded job of packing makes your mind go almost anywhere but on that job! Sending my prayers that God will help you focus on the task at hand:>)

  6. I just found your blog and absolutely love it. How did you get that adorable yarn ball by your name at the bottom and how did you make that darling header with the embroidery hoop?!

    Amanda Rose

  7. Both of your quilts are so beautiful!! Wishing you a sweet weekend! xo heather


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