Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Baseball & Hogwarts

Wow, I can't believe all that I did in a mere 72 hours!  I left Michigan on a cold, gray Friday morning and stepped off the plane to warm, bright sunshine in Florida.  It was my first trip seeing Taylor at spring training for his college baseball team.  I said I would go when he was a senior.  I snapped this photo just as he tagged the player out at second base.  He was waiting for the call from the umpire.  I took some great shots that day.

My trusty sidekick came with me (along with her Dad, of course!).  I pulled her out of school Friday and Monday.  This was no small feat for a girl who is a senior in high school, has an internship in NICU at the local hospital and is working on her CNA certification.  She is so organized and so on top of things that I didn't have to do anything but report her absent.  Oh how I love these two!

We did not realize how close we were to Universal Studios.  We decided to take Maddie to fulfill her dream of seeing Hogwarts.  We waited in line for an hour.  I had not been on a ride since I was a child, I dislike them so.  The pleading look in her eyes did me in.  Her Dad bailed when he saw what he would have to get in to.  When they fastened me into the box that would carry me away, her hand came around the outside of her box to hold mine.  I was spit on by a larger than life spider, breathed on by a dragon and nearly fainted when I came face to face with a Dementor.  That was the rare occasion that my eyes were open.  The rest of the time I was trying to keep the butter beer in my stomach and my flip flops on my feet.  The whole time I was thinking I gave birth to two children, surely I can take a five minute ride through Hogwarts…as long as Maddie doesn't let go.




  1. Sounds like a wonderful trip. You are such a brave mom. Can't wait to hear more about the fun events.... Missed you

  2. What a wonderful trip. So glad you were able to come. A special memory for all of you.

  3. Sounds like a great trip.. except for the bit about the spider & dragon! I'm with you on that one - I've done both Big Thunder Mountain and Space Mountain,with my eyes tightly closed, clinging to my hubby and praying that it would all be over really quickly!
    Your children are lovely - what a proud mum you should be.

  4. Glad you had such a wonderful time!! Sweet photos! xo Heather

  5. Welcome home!! :o)
    So glad you had such a nice time and
    were able to enjoy some sunshine! :o)

  6. Woo hoo! Go SAU! :>)
    Those are some good looking kids Renee, bet you hated to come back to this Michigan weather!


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