Thursday, January 12, 2012


Pinning and hand stitching a quilt today while I wait for the big storm that is suppose to hit later this afternoon.  I love all the happy colors in this Henry Glass fabric. It will make the perfect gift for a new baby girl.  I'm trying to decide if I should run to the grocery to stock up.  I always chuckle a little on the eve of a snowstorm because the grocery will be out of milk and bread by mid afternoon.  If I'm stuck in the house during a blizzard, I'll need more than milk and bread!



  1. Pretty!!! We too are waiting a the snowstorm to arrive, I went to the store last night and it was packed everyone was stocking up! lol. Have a wonderful day, stay warm! :)

  2. The picture and fabric is really pretty!! I like the colors. It seems like everyone is expecting a storm full of snow!! I wish I was :( Hahaha...yeah, you always need more than just milk and bread! Hope you enjoy the snow and the rest of your day!!

  3. Oh gosh that is cute Renee!! :o) I love that brown in the corner. :o) I used the red in my Christmas quilt. :o) Such fun fabric, isn't it?
    Oh yes, dear friend, get that bread and milk. :o) After Hurricane Katrina hit this area, people said they missed the simplest of things ... even Little Debbie Cakes. :o)

  4. Stay warm and happy stitching!!
    Love your new header! ♥

  5. I too, love the colors in your quilt. I love working with bright colors in the winter. Even though we don't get snow, it a way to brighten up a dreary day. I love hearing you are hand stitching a quilt. Pinning...haven't quite got that yet.
    Stay warm and I agree, bread and milk wouldn't get me through a snowstorm. LOL

  6. I love the fabrics you're using!
    When we lived where it snowed, we always ran to the store for sweetened condensed milk so we could make snow ice cream, a treat my boys expected!
    It doesn't snow here in South Texas, but you should see the water disappear from the shelves if a hurricane is heading this direction! (We are 100 miles from the coast, but the high winds often come this far inland.)

  7. We arent expecting snow just cold.Where is everyone that is expecting snow.I want some just for a bit lol.Its extremly a rare happening here in Pennsylvania this year we havent had one snow storm yet.

    Love the fabric so colorful.

  8. Just pretend I am there too. Our tiny little dusting was pure misery. My daughter came home from school and tried to sled down the driveway. Just dismal...enjoy your darling quilt...smiles...Renee

  9. Wow Renee! Your blog looks Amazing! I need to hear about how you did all of this goodness!

    I, too, am waiting for the storm. I actully did a little sewing today. Time to snuggle in.

    ENJOY! Joyce

  10. Your quilt looks sooo cute! But, not as cute as your new bloggie. :)
    Hope we get the six inches instead of the twelve. Eeks!

  11. Pretty.

    I thought it was just southeners who go running to the store for mile and bread:)

    We are supposed to get a bit of snow tonight.


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