Saturday, January 21, 2012

I Agree Miss Mouse

Such a charming illustration and such a wise group of ladies.  Hope you are having a good Saturday.  The sun is shining brightly on a couple feet of snow.  A Cardinal sits at the bird feeder, such bright red against all the white.  My husband is fifty today as well.  I'm making eggplant lasagna and Italian vegetable soup by Giada.  The perfect end to the birthday week.  Blessings today!

With joy,


  1. Very wise words indeed! This sounds like the mice version of Proverbs 30:8, and it really resonated with me this morning.


  2. nuggets of gold. :o)

    I hope your birthday was the very happiest of days for you and your weekend is warm and cozy. :o)

    love ya, Trish

  3. this quote should live on with the greatest! Love!

  4. Happy 50th birthday to your husband.

  5. Happy Birthday to the birthday boy! Your illustration is blast from the past - I have this exact book. It was mine as a child and we read it often to the children when they were small. It's a favorite and I am the human version of the Country Mouse. :)

  6. It is indeed such a small world we live in. Having learned you and I live in the same state. I now see that not only is my birthday in January, but my husband's is in 2 weeks as well. We are January 4 and February 4!
    Happy Birthday to you AND your husband! It is indeed Birthday Week at your house.

  7. I agree too, and guess it's a good thing too. LOL
    Well, at least you and hubby get to face this milestone together.
    My birthday is 4 months before my hubby's and he never lets me forget I am older than him for four months.
    Your dinner sounds delicious. Hope your week was everything you wanted to be. Snow and a Cardinal...sounds so pretty.

  8. what a very sweet little picture :)
    wise Miss Mouse


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