Wednesday, December 28, 2011


a new project

It's snowing here.  Christmas felt like spring but I knew it wouldn't last long.  We woke to snowcapped roofs yesterday.

a gift to myself

I'm struggling with getting back to normal.  I still have two Christmas gifts I'm working on.  You just can't rush handmade.  I'm glad I have people in my life who understand my need to create and don't mind waiting.

flowers from the local grocery

After all the Christmas cooking and baking, I have no desire to prepare a meal.  Today I'm trying a soup recipe that cooks all day in the crockpot.  No pressure there.

a special gift for a special friend

Time for some coffee and a plan, one that will motivate me to do something productive today.  What's on your agenda?



  1. Love the gift for yourself, hugs Mary

  2. I would gladly wait for a handmade, heartmade gift. Blessings to you and yours, Tammy

  3. I love love love my little stitch pin book!!!! :o) As well as my other gifts. You are so precious Renee!! Thank you so much!! love ya, Trish

  4. I have two gifts left too! Must be in the name...Soup on the stove for dinner and not a flake of snow yet this winter...but it is expected to be 65 this weekend. Thanks for always slowing me down and helping me hear the voice. Smiles...Renee

  5. I feel ya. Our Christmas was rm and felt abnormal. I am worried that this will mean our winter is going to be really bad... Your never know with the weather. It does crazy things sometimes.

    I always get an after the holidays lull. I had so much I need to do but its really hard to get motivated. I wish I could have 4 weeks off. Just to be able to relax and sit and then get motivated. It would be amazing!

    Happy sewing!

  6. We're trying to get back into a normal routine around here--but it hasn't been easy! We also had a little bit of snow yesterday morning. Big, beautiful, fluffy flakes. They would have been perfect on Christmas!

    Happy New Year!


  7. you...I would love some of the white stuff...oh well..enjoy your time my friend. xxoo

  8. I love snow but in Alabama, snow is not frequent even though we did have several snows last winter. I love to sew on snowy days with a pot of soup on the stove. I HATE cooking after the Holidays...yuck!! Those pink dishes are to die for!!! I am a dishaholic and those make my heart flutter. Beautiful... as well as the little stitch book. Show us the inside!
    Warm Blessings
    for 2012
    Gmama Jane

  9. I'd love to see what you're knitting - the color is beautiful.

  10. aahh such a lovely gift to yourself the tea setis beautiful and so pretty. Enjoy the little bit of snow. Happy new year to you, dee x

  11. I adore the gift to yourself.So pretty.The flowers make me feel like spring is near.

    Great idea to have soup,I love making soup in the crock pot in fact I just got a great idea.Soup for me this week as well.

    Blessings for a beautiful New Year!

  12. Glad to know that someone else is in the same situation as I am. Today I finally was able to mail part of the handmade items to my granddaughter. A few more will go in the mail next week. And then a few other projects need to be done as well.
    Cooking? I have no energy to cook and, thankfully, hubby understands. But I do need to plan something even if it is easy and quick.
    Enjoy the snowy, winter wonderland!

  13. Love all your gifts. I know how you feel I have not been in the mood to cook much either. Oh yes made with love does take time and I am sure your they will understand. The snow sounds lovely. We live Southwest of Houston and rarely see snow. Our weather is up and down. Hope you are enjoying the beautiful snow.


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