Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Fun at the Diner~

When our friends, Debbie and Paul, call and ask us to come over for a cook-out, we don't say no.  We never say no.  Going to their house is always fun, always special and the main thing served is love and laughter.

Recently they put a diner in the basement of their home.  An authentic diner, complete with a picture of Elvis! 

The details are amazing, right down to the napkin holders and tableware.  Each piece was planned with the idea of how to best serve their guests.  

The group of people that came yesterday are quite special to me.  It's the group of people that have been there for each other for many years.  We've seen each other through some difficult times and have been joyful together through celebratory times.

We're quick to help each other when needed and lovingly call each other out when we need that too.  These are the people that know the good, the bad and the ugly and love you anyway.

The common thread that ties us all together is our love for Jesus.  Rare is a conversation that doesn't involve God and his plan for our lives.  Christ is the driving force behind all we do, the foundation of our individual lives and the foundation of our friendship.

We shared good food, enjoyed watching our young adult children make sundaes for everyone.  Observed a competitive game of bocce ball with our husbands and talked of life over a bonfire.

my daughter and her sweetie

We showed our children how richly blessed we are, how thankful we are for one another and left happy and content.  Thank you Lord, for the good gifts you bring us in the people you place in our lives.



  1. It amazes me that there are only a handful of these people in our lives. Something that we should have far more of. Perhaps that is Gods plan for us to share more of his love and life with others. What an amazing day...Smiles...Renee

  2. How lovely to have such friends in your life. The "diner" is SO cute!! I'm sure it's been fun to collect and is fun to be a guest! V

  3. You are truly blessed to be so surrounded by such deep friendships. Such a richness. Nothing compares. :0)
    love ya dear friend. Trish?

  4. Oh Renee, what fun! I love the diner-it is so cute and would be such fun. To have these types of friends, brothers & sisters in Christ, is one of the greatest blessing we can receive. Many may come and go through our lives at different season but to have a true friend that is there forever is indeed special.
    Hugs, Noreen

  5. What fun....and such a blessing to have good friends.
    I can't believe they have all this in their home...adorable! xoxo Happy week to you.

  6. What a wonderful evening! It is such a blessing to have friends like that. (Not for what they can offer in the way of material things, but the common goal of serving God that you share!)
    I love the diner, too!

  7. Wow! what a wonderful and fun fifty's diner Debbie and Paul have. I love the red and all the special touches. Nothing like spending a evening with loved ones. Your group of friends sounds just like a family!
    Have a sweet day, Elizabeth

  8. Just awesome...the diner, the friends, and the conversation! Blessings, marlene

  9. What a fabulous place your friends have created! Wonderful to spend time with special people in our lives. Blessings!

  10. Isn't it wonderful to have a group of friends like that?

    I love your friends' diner - so cool!

  11. You are truly blessed, Renee, to have such a wonderful group of friends to fellowship with. It is very unique in our world today.

    Thank you for sharing the pictures and the thoughts with us, it warms my heart to see things that were part of my life as a young person.

  12. What a blessing to have friends like this.

  13. Oh what a fabulous diner - but how much more wonderful to share good fellowship like that! blessings on you all x

  14. I always wanted to make a room in the basement just like that. I think it is going to end up a craft room though, since I do a lot more crafting than entertaining. I love it though. thanks for sharing pics. I love your cupcakes in the newest post too. Just makes me happy looking at them! Have a great day!


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