Saturday, August 20, 2011

Simply Saturday~

I'm in one of my August moods today. A bit melancholy, a tad sentimental.  It's blueberry season here in Michigan.  A good excuse to make and eat muffins.  As they bake, I'm watching the goldfinch at the bird feeder and thinking about the chipmunk that was perched there last week while I watched and wondered what on earth that kind of bird was.  I hear thunder coming from the west but it doesn't faze the many butterflies who are swarming the rose bush.

Oh, let's head outside, what's a little thunder amongst friends?  The climbing rose is showing off today, big time.  The progression of colors sings a continuous song of praise, reaching up.  Next year it will need an arch for sure.  It blooms late August and cheers the rest of the garden on as colors begin to fade.

Last fall I tossed a rotting pumpkin by the tree in the back corner.  Guess what sprouted this summer?  I keep mowing around this vine, not wanting to disturb it.  Today I thought I would see if there is any sign of a pumpkin...

I'm wondering if the neighbors found my happy dance entertaining.  Just one little pumpkin coming to maturity would make for an awesome fall.  Might even take away the August blues.

This is what happens when overzealous planting occurs followed by a large wind and rain storm - one mass tangle of stalks.  Picking tomatoes is like mining for gold.  I'm not sure if any peppers grew because I can't find the plants.  When I want basil I reach my hand in and pull at whatever will come out.  It's worked so far.  Don't we always learn the most through trial and error?  Will I ever be old enough to stop learning this way?  You don't have to answer that.

Muffins are done.  I sure wish you could come over for coffee and muffins today.  We could discuss how we all handle the transition from summer to fall.  Play time to school time.  We head back to school after Labor Day here in Michigan.  I know many of you have already started.  Where did the summer go?  Enjoy your Saturday!



  1. Oh Renee, I am so jealouse of your one pumpkins. I get flower after flower but no sign of pumpkins. Summer has certainly flown by and once school starts it will be Christmas before you know it. Enjoy the next few weeks.

  2. Ha! I had to laugh at the "tangled stalks." Mining for gold was too funny.

    Looks like a lovely start to the weekend, those blueberry muffins. Yum!

  3. Your muffins look yummy. How lucky is that to have a pumpkin growing. I will do the happy dance with. Here in Texas it would be fried pumpkin it has been so hot. (hehe)

  4. I feel the same about August. I'm thinking this year it's because I've been away from home all summer. I think school should start everywhere after Labor Day.
    I can almost smell your muffins. Wish I could come by and sit ane talk with you over a muffin.

  5. What is your recipe for those yummy muffins?


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