Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Featured Today At ~

Come visit me today at Quilt Story
Thank you Megan and Heather for the opportunity!

With joy,


  1. Saw you at Quilt Story. So sorry for your loss. Yes it is good news that you will see her again. I have many family and friends there too. I felt a connection right away when I read your blog title. We are all under God's grace aren't we? My blog is I figured we had lots in common. Have a wonderful day.

  2. We all have our regrets...if only we could go back, but we cannot...but one day we will all be there together!
    You have made another master piece and the memories and photos make it so special like your friend. I can understand how this was a healing process for you. One that took time, hurting, and joy upon completion!

  3. Your quilt is just beautiful Renee, and so glad to see that many others will be blessed by your story. :o)
    love ya! Trish


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