Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Over Half Way There!

I was able to take the time yesterday to get caught up on my blocks for the Summer Sampler Series.  These two plum wore me out!  The top one is the Six Pointed Star and the bottom is the Arkansas Traveler.  The Arkansas Traveler was a combination of piecing and paper-piecing.  I could see a whole quilt made out of this block.

I'm still struggling with sizes as some come out correctly and some are a bit short.  I have been quilting for nearly ten years and I haven't had this issue since I started quilting.  I keep checking my 1/4 inch and so far I'm accurate so it must be in my cutting somewhere.  As I said before, I'm not concerned.  You add a bit of fabric here and there and after it's done and quilted, no one knows the better.

A new block has been posted today so I'm off to tackle that one.  I hope you have a great summer day doing something you love!



  1. The fabric you are using for this quilt makes me drool! Love it!

  2. Your blocks look beautiful Renee! :o)

  3. This quilt is going to be a real delight. The colors are so wonderful.
    One of the things that has helped me make sure blocks are the size they are supposed to be is switching to a very fine thread for piecing. You may already be doing that.

  4. I just love this quilt and especially the fabrics you are using. So cheery and pretty.


  5. Beautiful blocks ... especially the diamonds! Can't wait to see the entire quilt!

  6. This is turning out so cute. It's the fabrics you are choosing. Makes me wish I would have started one when I you first posted about yours.

  7. Your blocks are beautiful, and the fabric is charming. This is on its way to be a beautiful quilt.

    Don't you just hate it when a block doesn't come to size?! I've quilted for 30 years, and it still amazes me.

  8. At least with some of the blocks needing borders, it will give them your own 'touch'. They look great by the way. :) Happy crafting, Jenny

  9. Your blocks are have wonderful fabric choices. But, your stone with the blocks...the verse is beautiful!!

    Deb from


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