Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Oh, So Pretty!

My house is very quiet this morning.  My daughter is home sick from school and snuggled so deeply into my bed that you can barely find her.  My husband is sleeping in the family room, where it is the darkest, because he worked all night.  The rain is coming down and it's grey and still outside.  I had to show you the package I received yesterday from Renee at My Vintage Mending.  OH MY WORD...the wrapping alone was a gift.  Look at that darling milk tag!  It's wrapped in a piece of a sewing pattern, how creative is that?!  The inside card was so sweet and held a vintage playing card.  I was swooning. 

Oh but the treasure inside was this pretty Ipod case.  Look at all that vintage finery!  My family doesn't know yet that they are getting me a new Ipod for Mother's Day, in the meantime I will tuck my Nano in there with my headphones.  I love it, thank you Renee!  Make sure to check out her fabulous blog~

I'm still running my quilting marathon.  Too many projects going on but I love them all.  Stay dry in your corner of the world.  Blessings!



  1. i hope your daughter feels better soon. love the ipod case from renee. that girl has some serious 'skills'.

    so hoping the rain lets up, too.

  2. So glad it made it there. It is raining and grey here as well. Hope you all are feeling better soon. A rainy day is a chance to get things done inside...off to sew for Mother's Day projects...smiles...Renee

  3. What a nice quiet morning you are having. It is rainy and gray here too. I am able to get my laundry completely done and finishing up a quilt top that was tucked away for some time.
    Your Ipod case is as precious as can be. I love the sweet look of it!! :o) It suits you. :o)
    Have a nice day my dear friend.
    Sincerely, Trish

  4. You quilters are so doggone creative!!! Precious!

  5. Fabulous gift! Sounds like you are feathering those in your 'nest'!

  6. Goodies - how lovely! I've seen Michelle Wooderson (PTI) use patterns as tissue wrap before - you're post reminded me I really must try this some time. Thanks for sharing

  7. What an adorable gift....sending love to your sweet daughter. xoxox hugs

  8. I enjoyed my visit.
    Your blog is so refreshing and filled with such beauty.
    I look forward to visiting again soon.

  9. I love your new materials!! AND that cute little button/pin!! Adorable!! :)


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