Tuesday, April 19, 2011

For Tuesday

I was hoping to share with you today some pictures from the photo shoot at the Farm, but it was cancelled due to weather.  It didn't seem appropriate to have the bride stand in frigid temps pretending not to have goosebumps.  Click here to see some fabulous photos that photographer, Carrie Miles has taken.

Today my "spring" is coming from our local grocery store.  I can read about what "spring" is in the food magazine I treated myself to as well as gazing at the lovely tulips!

I was pleasantly surprised to find edible flowers at our store so my ideas are spinning for Easter dinner.  I'm keeping it simple this year, good tried-and-true dishes that my children always ask for like cheesy potatoes, grilled flank steak, sauteed green beans and spinach-strawberry salad with these flowers!

I am working on spending more time reading the Easter story from God's Word this week.  Of course, it is much more than a story.  If you've never really understood the Easter Story, and have questions about Easter and Jesus, feel free to email me at sewnwithgrace@yahoo.com.  Have a wonderful day!



  1. Great post and photos. For Christians, Easter is an "every day of our lives" event - something that should affect every step we take. I'm so thankful that in this country we are allowed to celebrate it in an even bigger way this time of year.
    Thank you for stepping out there and inviting others in!

  2. Beautiful photos and beautiful invitation!

  3. I love it Renee! How lovely your site is and what a pleasure to see, truly candy for the eyes and food for the soul.

    Thanks so much...Joy

  4. Have a blessed holy week. He is risen!

  5. Beautiful photos and beautiful easter deko! greetings from germany

  6. Oh my friend...I did not know sweet williams were edible...they are one of my favourites.

    Sending you some love for a wonderful Easter week. xoxoxo

  7. Very pretty.

    I've never tried edible flowers.

  8. Thanks for a sweet, poignant post. I am so grateful that He sacrificed Himself for us, and He is risen; He is alive and walks with us each day! What a thought to celebrate!
    Jacque in SC


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