Monday, February 21, 2011

Sewing Christmas

Welcome to our second month of "Sewing Christmas".  This month finds me thinking of spring which was my inspiration for the pillow cover.  Not all of our Christmas gifts have to be Christmas themed.  I think not making a Christmas-themed gift each month will help us to stay on task by keeping it interesting, don't you?

Recently I was in T.J. Maxx and I found this white quilted pillow sham on sale for $5.99.  Perfect for an applique project.  I began searching through my many books and patterns.  The possibilities were endless, really.  I thought of hearts in different fabrics, the word "Joy" with vines and yo-yo's, various quilt blocks I've made and not used.

Then I found this pattern.  Not having to make the pillow saved  time.  I changed the direction of the pattern only because I was too lazy didn't want to take the time to copy the pattern, I just traced it on to fusible web as printed.

For those of you who missed last month's "Sewing Christmas", it can be viewed here.  Now it's your turn, share your "Sewing Christmas" idea using the link below.  Remember, it doesn't have to be a sewn item.  Enjoy!



  1. Oh those are wonderful Christmas gifts. What fun!!

  2. Good Morning Renee.
    Your pillow cover is just adorable!!
    I was curious, did you have to take it apart in order to stitch around the edges of the applique?
    I really like your idea about creating non Christmas items, for gifts. We can always sew up a pretty Christmas bag to put the gift in. :o)
    I will be linking in a little while, showing what I am working on as a Christmas present.
    love, Trish

  3. Renee this is genius to add it to a premade. Leave it to me to always go the long way! Beautiful. I am uploading the apron for Sewing Christmas. Someone on my list will be the lucky gifted...smiles. Renee

  4. link looks odd. Did I do it wrong? Let me know and I will change it..Thanks..Renee

  5. That turned out beautiful. What a clever idea. What a great Christmas gift. I just linked up, too and same thing as Vintage Mending. I think Mr. Linky is having a bad monday morning! Been

  6. Sorry everyone, I clicked the wrong thing on Mr. Linky so everything was coming out wonky - like me! Should be fixed now. I have to research other link sites because I could not do a picture with this unless I paid a fee. Let me know if you know of other sites. Thanks!

  7. I love your pillow, Renee. Don't know how you cold give it away. What a great idea to buy a premade pillow. Your Applique is darling.
    Thanks for hosting this. I was so inspired this month to get something done to put away as a gift.

  8. SOmeone is going to be very happy next CHristmas! This is beautiful:>)

  9. Renee,
    Your sham is precious! I love the design!

  10. Your projects are so cute and inspiring. Gives me the idea I should start on Christmas projects that way I am not running around crazy.

  11. I never think of looking at TJ Maxx but I think I'll go there today while I'm out! I'm ready to make some Easter things. :) blessings, marlene

  12. Oh, that is going to be a wonderful gift for someone. What a great idea.


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