Monday, January 3, 2011

Log Cabin Love

As you may remember, I have been without my machine for quite some time.  While we were separated (over 6 weeks) I did manage to cut out two quilts and start an applique project.  I had so badly wanted to make this log cabin quilt for Christmas, but it was not to be.

The week of Christmas, my machine was finished and I eagerly picked it up.  I began making my blocks and loved how they turned out.  I even got to use my favorite mini iron!  

It felt so good to be quilting again.  But, I noticed that even though the problem got fixed, in doing so my machine runs much slower and now there's a problem with the feeddogs not working properly.  I really don't want to take my machine back for another lengthy repair, but I don't think I have a choice.  Would you take it back to the same place or try a new repair shop?  I do believe I'm going to have to buy a new machine and have no idea where to start with that process.  Can't a girl just sew?



  1. I would take it somewhere different. I am usually only without my machine about a week. I wouldn't know where to start either. I've had my machine 20 years or so. Maybe stick with the same brand if you've liked it. Good luck! And Happy New Year.


  2. I can't wait to see the final quilt! Bless your heart for having to wait so long to sew. Nobody should have to go through that! I would talk to another shop and see what they think. I don't know what brand you have, but I agree - if you like your brand stick with it. There are so many good machines out there. Try some of the consumer reports on the machines and also visit your local dealer to compare. Good luck!

  3. Happy New Year Renee'!!

    I absolutely LOVE the fabrics you chose for your pretty!! (can't WAIT to see more!!) I wish I had a clue about sewing machines so that I could give you some brilliant advice, but alas, I don't...but in general I would say a "second opinion" wouldn't hurt.

    I wish you all the best in this bright new year...may you be showered with the Lord's goodness and His unfailing love!!

    Hugs & Blessings,

  4. I say take it back and demand that they fix it since you have paid for their work.

    This quilt will be beautiful when you finally get to sew it all up.

  5. Good Morning Renee.
    Your quilt is going to be gorgeous!! The fabrics are just beautiful together. I am curious if there is someone in your area who comes highly recommended. Word of mouth is a great networking tool.
    Gosh I hate how long you had to go without your machine. Wish we lived closer, Woody would fix it for free and it would be good as new! :0)

  6. Beautiful fabrics...there's nothing more frustrating than a machine that acts up. I'd take it back and tell them you're not satisfied that it's still not working properly. Good luck.

  7. That doesn't sound good. Maybe take it to a different shop. Must be so frustrating. Good luck, I hope it can be fixed and you don't have to get a new one.

    Love the quilt you are working on.

  8. I'd take it back to a different repair place. Can you ask around to see where others have gone? I love log cabin quilts. Think I might make a couple this year again. Hope you resolve the problem with the repairs.

  9. I would take it back and it should be fixed free this time. My hubby has worked on machine he says could be feed dogs are set too low and the slowness could be something binded up.
    I don't know what brand you have but I have a Bernina and love mine!! I don't have all bells & whistles and it's 11 yrs old.
    Good luck.
    Lori in AZ

  10. What a bummer! I would try somewhere else to take it to. It's not fun being without a sewing machine. It's even more not fun trying to buy a new one.

  11. Birthday coming up?

  12. Oh Renee, how dissapointing to wait so long and it still isn't running right! Sometimes the silly things just need to be replaced. I would probably go back tot he same shop, tell them it wasn't running right, express that it needed to be fixed and that considering how long you waited it needed to be top priority because you couldn't be without it. If they won't put a rush on it and get it right, maybe a partial refund is in order? On the bright side, I LOVE the fabrics in your quilt!

  13. It's hard to give advice without knowing your machine, it's age, repair history. Is this a new problem? It might be the time to upgrade to a new machine. I love vintage machines so it doesn't have to be a "new" machine, only new to you. Good luck! Your Christmas log cabin project is stunning.

  14. So sorry to hear about your sewing machine troubles...:( That is no fun!

    I bought a BROTHER sewing machine at Costco many years ago. I think it was about $199.00. I tell you...I LOVE this machine! It sews over thick fabric with has been an amazing machine. My Mom had shared with me that while my Aunt Annie was still with us she used a BROTHER and had LOVED IT! So, I took a chance and updated from my old Montgomerey Ward's sewing machine. My sister custom sews ice skating outfits for a living, she recently purchased one, she is preferring it over her other expensive machines! Just a thought for you...:) I promise I don't work for BROTHER sewing machines!! ha!

    But,,since you have invested money into the repair...I would think that they SHOULD make it right! :/

    I hope you have a beautiful NEW YEAR!!
    XOXO Gloria

  15. I thought I sent you a note, well sweetie this is just lovely...and listen, come and chase some of those Jan blues away at my place. we are but hours away lol


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