Wednesday, January 5, 2011

In The Pink ~

Inspired by Lori, I began my hunt for a pink toy stove.  Right before Christmas I landed one on Ebay for a steal and it arrived yesterday.  I'm having fun arranging some of my vintage cake toppers on it (I do believe that Lori and I could do some major damage together at a thrift store!)

The stove is right at home with the cupboard that I already had.  I don't know what it is about this time era, but I am drawn to it in a powerful way.  I think it's all the whimsy.

Nothing says whimsy like Holt Howard Pixieware.  I have acquired my pieces over time, before they became too expensive to purchase anymore.  I'm hoping I'll find some at a garage sale for pennies.  It's certainly not the value that's important to me.  They just make me smile.

My crinoline dish collection started with a four piece set for $15 at a local antique store.  Of course the drinking glasses had to follow.  They look wonderful on the table for Easter.

My kids friends have asked them if their Dad minds living in such a girly house.  I love the reaction to that question.  My daughter will look around like she's seeing the room for the first time, not even noticing that it was girly.

The boys have their family room downstairs which is all baseball.  I think I'm pretty generous giving them one room!

It certainly helps pass the grey days of winter to cook in a fun kitchen.   I don't know which of my rooms is my favorite, but the kitchen is a top contender.  Blessings today!



  1. love all the pink, renee. the stove is darling! the absolute perfect addition for your lovely kitchen.


  2. This is TOO cute! I've seen Lori's too. What great pink fun :-)

  3. Oh Renee, I love it all...I was so surprised to see that you and I have the same vintage drinking glasses. I haven't seen those pink n white ones cept at my house.
    I too have that stove/oven.
    Years ago I had the entire set but they have since been sold and moved to Conn.
    Hugs to you,
    Amy (Mom to the Four Sisters)

  4. So cute! I am wanting to decorate my kitchen all retro. Perhaps I should go with pink and watch my husband flip out about it!

  5. So adorable!! Now to find a working big one just like that...I am in love with all your vintage wares....thanks for sharing. xoxoxo

  6. Love the pink kitchen!!! So glad you got one:) I just told nancy a week aqgo that there is a bunch of vintage pink kids kitchen stuff at the antigue mall in shippys:) Have a great day!! Elma

  7. I love it all! Gorgeous pink and yes it is girly...but I adore it!

    I have an old pink colander that I put a small Christmas tree in and placed on my dining room cute along with my pink sparkly elf boot!

  8. I just found your blog (via Bluebird Notes) ... and I think I'm in love (lol) You have the most beautiful pictures, and I have already read through quite a few of your posts. I will be back on a regular basis. So glad I found you.

  9. Your home is absolutely charming Renee! And that sweet little oven looks just perfect amongst your other little treasures. :o)
    I thought about you all day yesterday and prayed for you. I continued asking the Lord to bring you comfort and lots of "Abba hugs". :o)
    Have a great day!
    Sincerely, Trish
    ps. The nice weather from yesterday moved on. Wet and cold again. :o)

  10. How fun! I tried to talk my MIL into painting her kitchen pink once. It would've been beautiful with her collections. She wouldn't do it. I love the salt and pepper shaker and the Pixieware. In all my many antique shop visits I have NEVER seen these. I have seen them online in other people's collections, but never in a store. Strange, I think. They're adorable!

  11. I can't believe it!! I actually HAD one of these little stoves when I was little!! I had even forgotten about having one till I saw yours! I had little cookware to go with it. I played for hours with that little pink stove. We had a house fire when I was 9 yrs. old so it si no longer around. I may have to find one for myself. Do you mind telling me what you paid for it so I'll know what to expect???

  12. Renee, I love the stove and cupboard. I have had several stoves and washer machine in pink but never saw a cupboard til now. Very cool! Play on! judy

  13. You have some gorgeous pink things and that stove was a great find.

  14. I will trade you one ever-so-cute pink stove for a white one. :)
    And, pink is a very good color for men as well. (At least that is the bill of goods I sold my hubby. hee hee)

  15. Renee, it is fantastic. I love my metal kitchen appliances. Even the orange ones. I know what you mean. It is almost too hard to describe how wonderful they are. Just the child like innocents and apron wearing Mom images they provoke are divine. Love the pictures.

  16. Whoo-hooo! You found one!
    Good for you Renee. I'm so glad. It's just adorable and fits with your other vintage treasures so well:)
    And yes...I just know you and I would do lots of damage together.
    Only one problem...we have the same taste so we would always fight over "the good stuff"

  17. Love it all! I hope to start a glass collection like that someday too :) thanks for all of you wonderful pictures!

  18. Wow, Renee...I love it all! So whimsical and cute! What a lovely collection.

    Happy New Year!

  19. The pink stove is adorable, but the crinoline dishes rock my world! Love them!

  20. I love all your pink. That stove is so cute. I love vintage dishes and glasses

  21. I just love all your collections! Fun fun fun!!


  22. Very cute... and very generous giving the boys a room..... imagine the fun you could have decorating Happy crafting, Jenny

  23. I love it. Love it! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!


    I need to come visit you....

    I miss my grandmother's pink stove. It was amazing.


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