Wednesday, December 29, 2010

There Are No Silly Questions

Thank you for all of your kind comments over the past couple of days.  It was fun to write a post for Stash Manicure and Madame Samm.  A couple of questions came up that I would like to answer.  The first is the dimensions of the scripture scarf I shared with you.   It measures 6"x72".  I like my scarves long.  The scripture fabric comes on a panel and you cut it out between the lines provided.  I let that be my guide for the width of the scarf.  Then I started cutting pieces of fabric in different sizes (such as 6x6 and 6x10).  I wanted to use up scraps and have a patchwork look.  When the front was done I cut a solid piece of fabric 6"x72" for the back.  Right sides together, I stitched down both long sides using a 1/4" seam. I then turned it right side out, pressed it, pressed the fabric under on each end, and stitched them shut.  It's as simple as that!

The second question is how to copy the button onto your blog.  That IS NOT a silly question!  It's how all of us have learned to blog, by asking questions.  Here's how to copy the button:

1.  Go to the "Sewing Christmas" button on the sidebar.  Right click on the code below the picture, and copy the code.

2.  Scroll up to the top of the page and click on "Design".

3.  Decide what column you want the button to be in and click on "Add a Gadget" at the top of that column.

4.  Scroll down to "HTML/Javascript" and click on it.

5.  Paste the code in the large "content" box and click "save".

6.  The button will now appear at the top of the column you chose.  Point and drag it to the spot where you want it and click on "save".

It should be on your blog now.  If you have any questions, leave me a comment or send me an email.

With joy,


  1. ah, was this ah, the item you were suggesting ahh, as a future gift ahhhhhh? Everything you touch turns out lovely. :)

  2. woo hoo! i did it! im now sewing for christmas!

  3. You are just a doll Renee! Thank you for your patience and for answering our questions. :o) Blogging can be a little intimidating at times, can't it. But, it is fun when we learn new things! :o)
    Your scarves are precious and I know just what I will do now with some of my scripture fabrics! :o) I remember seeing where you also used the scripture fabric in a table runner. :o)
    Have a lovely day!
    Sincerely - Tricia

  4. Dear Renee,
    I just discovered your lovely blog and I love it already. I don't have a blog but I'll join you anyway making a Christmas gifts each month this year.
    May 2911 bring new blessings to you and those that you love.
    maggie in Maine

  5. Hugs and lOVE sweet friend for a blessed New Years. xoxoxoxoxxo

  6. How lovely! I wish we could get things like that over here in the UK! I would love to make a Scripture scarf! :)

  7. Renee, thank you for your sweet offer on my blog, but the postage costs would probably be too high. It was SO kind of you to think of me! Hugs, Tina xxx

  8. Renee! What a perfect post, No Silly Questions! My post about Valentines is to let anyone know who is interested that there are other blogging ladies who would like to exchange a handmade Valentine with someone. They are listed on my sidebar. You only have to make 1 Valentine. If you are so inclined because you just can't stop at one, you can offer to swap with more than just one person. I came up with this idea because 27 is my limit! I would make one for anyone who asked, but they are just so time consuming. You can expect to spend one hour on one Valentine. This is a thank you from me to as many individuals as possible for having participated in my tag swaps in the past. This is my last swap. Have a wonderful New Year's celebration! Elizabeth

  9. You have a beautiful blog Renee! You have done an amazing job with it! you need to teach me how to sew someday...I know nothing!


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