Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Tell Me Why

Tell me why...

I said yes to two custom order quilts in December?

I wait until the last minute to decide to knit some 
Christmas gifts when I had the whole year to prepare?

I haven't figured out, after all these years, that skipping
my morning devotions to "get to work" is never a good idea?

my immursion blender decided to start smoking and melt
while I had it in a pot of potato soup?

we, as women, think we have to do it all in order for our
families to have the ultimate wonderful holiday experience?

there's never any chocolate in the house when you need it?

Off to grab my Bible,


  1. If it makes you feel any better, I just finished a pair of mittens. Why I agreed to do them!.!.! But I am off to bed. I will show them to you tomorrow night... They are not one of the presents


  2. You're not alone. I'm working on my third set of pj's, have two quilts to finish and wanted to make ten handmade tags for my bible ladies before next Tuesday. Ho..ho..ho..I've learned the hard way, too. Never give up your quite time...the Word never returns void.

  3. Oh dear! Your poor soup! :) I can not see those lovely quilts all rolled up....but I bet they are just beautiful. Going to grab your bible first is always a good idea....I need to remember that as well. And going for the chocolate is also very very good. hee hee

  4. I'm glad I'm not alone. I keep asking myself why I didn't start making my Christmas gifts last January. I did get them done but I'm still knitting the socks I'm giving to my husband. I hope to be done by Christmas...I hope :)

  5. I can so relate! I swear I got more done when all 5 kids lived at home!

  6. Oh Renee. I totally get it! I have been running so much lately, and now don't need to, but still need to slow down. Whew. :o) We are silly creatures aren't we?!
    Looking so forward to talking with you!
    Sincerely - Trish

    ps. Let's plan out our next years gift making in January. :o) We can hold each other accountable! ha ! :o)

  7. My day always goes haywire too when I'm rushing in the morning and skip my devotion time - guess someone is trying to tell us to slow down. As far as over extending ourselves at the holidays guess that what we gals do, why I'll never know. I'm still sewing last minute gift too.

  8. Maybe the time pressure helps us to get on the ball and finally finish it?? :) I have a feeling you are not alone!
    It always leaves me feeling stressed when I don't make my devotional time with God my #1 priority. Sometimes I think I need to start on projects first though!

    Happy Sewing! Your quilts look awesome!

    XOXO Gloria

  9. I feel your pain honey! You are not the only one who does this, thinks this and wonders about this!
    Merry Christmas to you~

  10. It's what we do best! Every year. I now try not to put so much pressure on myself with an unrealistic level of expectation. I celebrate the victories of accomplishment and some years I have to accept that I had to let something go and maybe accept something new and different in it's place. Most of all this year I made time for an Advent by Candlelight Tea. So uplifting in Word, fellowship, laughter and dessert (Chocolate of course). Totally set the tone for A true Christmas Spirit in my heart to share with those i pass throughout the day.

  11. Hi Renee,

    I cannot tell you why - but at least you are not alone! :)

    Hope your day is full of joy,
    ~ Zuzu

  12. Lol, loved this post. So true. :)

  13. You ask Why? I can, as your friend of many years, tell you why- You are: Renee, the Creative Crafter of the World!!!

    I am going to whip up a pink satin super hero cape for you with a Giant C on it for CREATIVE! You might as well realize that you just can't stop yourself and give in to it. Create girl! That's what makes you happy. :)

  14. So true my friend...why do we try to fool ourselves....hugs of joy. xoxoxo

  15. I have never done quilting, my sister Carrie does, and she really enjoys it, well I did a baby quilt when my now 32 year old Baby Breezy was born. I admire all the patients it takes. Happy Holidays, Diane

  16. Yikes! Sounds like you need and extra pair of hands, too. Hang in there.

  17. I'm having a similar week, but we were given the ultimate gift and thats what really matters at Christmas


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