Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Summer's End Quilt

I've been a bit late in getting my blog posts out.  My whole family has gotten some kind of virus and now I've got it too.  Hoping to clear all the germs out before school starts next week.  I sewed all day Monday and finished Erica's quilt which I've named the "Summer's End" quilt.

I have really enjoyed making this quilt.  The colors are not something I would normally pick and I rarely use purple.  The combination of color and pattern came together beautifully and I can hardley wait to get it quilted.

I like the colors so much and have such a large amount of fabric left over that I'm thinking of making a nine patch with a white background out of these fabrics.

Summer is truly beginning to wind down.  I know that when my morning glories are in full bloom and longing to take over the house that it won't be long before there's that nip in the air and that feeling of anticipation.  I got a chuckle out of this picture, it looks like the morning glory has decided it really wanted to grow on the trellis.

I have just started reading this book and I love it!  It's a thick one, but so far well worth it.  There is a bit of traveling between era's which intriques me and I highly recommend it!



  1. that nasty virus is everywhere! my hubby got it...just hope i don't. get better soon! nothing is better than to hunker down with a good book when you are not feeling so swell.

    LOVE your quilt! such fun and vibraint colors!!

    :) becky

  2. What a beautiful quilt. I love the color combination. Hope you are all feeling better soon.


  3. Hey Renee :-) Thanks, and yes definitely pass the info to Maddie! I bought fabric to make her a blankie today. I have made blankets for the other two, but plan to make the new babies a lot like Jacksons.... a very simple version of a quilt:)... Although I have no clue how to bind, I had to ask my mom to do it last time... hehe

  4. Lovely quilt and the morning glories do look like they want to climb over on that trellis. :)

    I don't know if you saw my post a few days ago about the old friendship quilts I have in my collection. I think these are almost a thing of the past, but I do love them, in all their imperfection.

  5. Oh Renee,
    Your quilt is just beautiful! Erica will love it for sure. :o) What a fun color combination. Your nine patch will be stunning with the white and those colors.
    I am sorry that you have been sick, so glad to hear you are back to good health. :o)
    Sincerely ~ Tricia

  6. The colors of the quilt are brilliant! I hope everyone is feeling better soon.
    Thank you for the book recommendation. I appreciate book ideas from Christians.

  7. So sorry to hear everyone is sick...:( I hope you all have a speedy recovery. Saying a prayer for wellness for your family.
    Love your beautiful quilt, and those morning glories are so very sweet! :)
    p.s. that books looks great!

  8. So sorry to hear you all have a bug. Yuckie! Hope you are feeling better today. Your quilt is beautiful!! I bet the sweet girl you are making it for is going to adore it. While out driving with my 15 year old daughter last night, we stumbled upon Friendship Farm! It is beautiful! I want to live there!! :)

  9. The quilt is great... but that is my favorite book of the summer. Even, the hubbie like it...

  10. I think a nine patch with white would be gorgeous in those colors. A nine patch is what i want to try next:>) I read that book about a month ago, pretty good!
    I hope you all feel better soon!


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