Monday, September 13, 2010

Orange Is Not On My Color Wheel...

The past weekend was a quiet one and I spent much of my time working around the house.  Temperatures remained in the high 60's and rain.  I decided to get to work on a fall table topper I've had on my to-do list for awhile.  I can honestly say, I don't like how it's coming out.  I'm not fishing for compliments but just sharing that every once in a while, something doesn't turn out the way you had hoped.  I did not choose a green that is dark enough to make it stand out from the background fabric so now I'm trying to come up with a way to make those areas shine.  Probably some kind of decorative stitching.  I'm not much of an orange kind of gal, so I'm not feeling it.  Lesson learned.  Now if only I could find a way to make fall pink.

I did manage to get my sewing room rearranged, cleaned and organized.  You only get this shot because I'm too embarrassed to show you my fabric stash.  I am now on official lock down.  My goal is to not purchase any fabric until 80% of my stash is gone (I kid you not).  Batting and thread are the only things on my approved list for quilting.  I'm pretty excited for this self-imposed challenge and I'll let you know how I'm doing.

My girl got her vintage dress swapped out for more autumn looking attire.  I never thought I could have so much fun outfitting a dress form!

I'm ready for a slower pace to my days and for cooler weather.  I even put the fall wreath on the front door.  I can handle the orange on the outside of the house.  Hoping your Monday is off to a beautiful start!



  1. I'm with you. I am not big on orange either, but have to limit my love of pink to quilts. My guys would not be happy in a pink house ;-) I also have been overtaken by the amount of stash I have as we were moving the "tubs" to the new house!!! Shocking, to say the least. I will need to work at reducing also :-D

  2. Seriously Renee. I love your table runner! :o) I also love the color orange. :o) What are you going to bind it with? Will you be quilting it yourself? What a darling dress and apron your "lady" is wearing. She looks lovely! :o) I am looking forward to seeing your creations from the beautiful fabric stash you have there. :o) You always inspire me by what you are creating! Your wreath is gorgeous!
    You know ... you can always paint some pumpkins a pretty pink and sprinkle a little glitter on them. (not real pumpkins of course). Every time I see pink ... I think of you!! :o)

    Sincerely ~ Tricia

  3. Hi,
    I know how you feel about orange. The funny thing is that pink is my color that was hard for a while. It just never seemed to "fit" in my home. I have been opening up my self imposed borders. It has been fun to bring in silk flowers that I would never have used before. I am moving away from primitive into a more cottagy feel.
    What if you fused on some darker green and brown leaves onto the larger green triangles to liven them up alittle? Since there is a leaf pattern in your background. I think that if you then did blanket stitch around the edge it would add some interest. Just an idea. You could always put one on the pumpkin also to tie it all together. I hope you have a great monday also. I only have to work from 10:30-4 today. I love mondays, unlike alot of folks. It is my only short day. Have fun!

  4. ps. You know ... I barter fabric for handcrafted jewelry. :o) If you have any gift ideas you need, I would be happy to assist you. :o)

    link 1:

    link 2:

  5. I have a project or two just like that...bottom line no matter what anyone else says, if your not feeling it, your not feeling it. I love your self imposed challenge. I think I'll join you, I didn't share my stash when I showed pictures of my space either. What does that tell you? Have a blessed week, Patty btw...your lady looks splendid!

  6. Hi, Renee! I often feel that way about my quilts, but when I get the binding on, it's usually zowie! I like! Word of advice: choose your binding carefully. It's that final frame for the quilt that add the punch or dull it down. BTW, I've never been fond of oranges and yellows, but I really am a fall gal and I'm realizing that I do want a bit of orange and yellow in there. Really, from what I could see of it, it's a beautiful quilt. A centerpiece of berries and fall leaves in a pretty brown basket autumn could bring the glow of autumn into the room.

  7. I have a serious love affection for orange, but not the pumpkins shade. I love the softer corals, deeper corals mixed with apple greens! I guess a "softer" side of Autumn! ANd don't forget to toss in a little plum!
    Just discovered your blog and let me tell you, you are now added in my favs!
    Janan from Bluebirds Nest Quilts

  8. Hi Renee. If your open to ideas, what about either a bias binding or stitched vine trailing across the pumpkin, with applique leaves? Or you could always ignore :) Happy crafting, Jenny

  9. Orange is not generally in my color pallet as well. I started a fall quilt a year ago and I brought it back out. The first thing my husband noticed but didn't want to tell me was that it clashed with our living room. I noticed too, but I need something fall out! just remember it wont be out all year :-)

  10. I'm with you, I am not much of an orange gal. It doesn't seem to match my current pink theme that well...:) Oh well, I am sure it will end up being thrown into the mix for this Fall Season.
    Your quilt table topper looks very lovely though. I would not scrap it at all!! I like the softness of the colors!! You are so creative I am sure you will match it with your decor perfectly!!!
    Blessings for a beautiful day,

  11. I am not into orange either. I always have such a hard time getting into fall decorating with that color! So I just don't use it much. SOmetimes you just have to listen to your heart, not every project works out. Every time I try to "branch out" away from the colors I really love I end up not relly loving the results. Having said that, the quilt itself is lovely. What about giving it as a gift?

  12. I enjoy orange in the fall, and love to wear the color orange (it tends to look great on anyone), so I'm loving your quilt.

    I'd love to see you for Simple Pleasures on Thursday.


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