Saturday, August 14, 2010

Amanda & Rajiv's Indian Wedding

This past Thursday marked the beginning of four days of wedding festivities for my friend Nancy. Her daughter, Amanda, is marrying Rajiv and I was about to experience my first Indian wedding.  Thursday began with the traditional henna party and Amanda (shown above) had her hands and palms done and we could participate as well.  Once the henna drys, it is removed and the design underneath has stained the skin.  It is then an orange/rust color.

This is my daughter who opted to have a design on her shoulder and one on her hand.  I let her talk me into getting my hand done as well.

Friday night found us at Amanda's Father's lake house for the Indian wedding ceremony.  Rajiv is brought across the lake on a boat playing festive music with family dancing and celebrating his arrival.

Rajiv is then greeted by the men and flowers are placed around his neck.  It was really interesting and fun to see him in his traditional Indian wedding attire.

Amanda was then brought down the aisle by her brother, Casey, as is the custom as well as a group of women and little girls dropping colorful flower petals.  She was absolutely stunning in her sari.

They are both escorted to a tent that is richly decorated with scarves and flowers, statues and pillows.  From this point on the traditional Indian wedding ceremony took place.  I did not understand most of it, but found it fascinating.

This is Nancy, Amanda's Mom, who is seated with Amanda's Father.  Both sets of parents are seated on cushions near the bride and groom and have significant roles to play during the ceremony.

I love this fun shot I took of Nancy and her husband, Doug, and some very important people in their (and my) life.

Amanda had a wonderful time and the festivities continue today with the American wedding tonight.  I have the privilege of giving the prayer at dinner and look forward to sharing more pictures with you.  



  1. Hola, I have so loved seeing some of this beautiful Indian ceremony, the bride looked amazingly beautiful!!!
    maria cecilia

  2. Interesting! The daughter of an Indian co-worker was married in the same type of ceremony several years ago. I didn't attend, but the stories from that night were fascinating.

  3. It looks like a joyful, colorful fun wedding! The bride is beautiful and it is fun to see how other cultures celebrate. Thanks for sharing this with us:>)

  4. Wow! That is beautiful and so interesting! Can't wait to see more pics.
    Enjoy tonight!

  5. Aren't those colors amazing? I love the picture with the father-of-the-bride and his outfit. Very nice! The bride was all brides are. :)


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