Saturday, July 31, 2010

A Saturday Stroll

I saw the strangest thing the other day, a chipmunk had crawled up my hollyhock plant to the very top.  He was peeking over the fence in my yard.  He took one look at me and jumped, I hope he's alright.  Perhaps he thought I was pretty strange too.  I wish I had gotten a picture but I knew he wouldn't hold the pose for long.  Let's take a midsummer look at the garden...

I will remember the garden this winter when the snow is blowing and the beds are bare.  I will forgive the Japanese beetle for devouring my hollyhocks (at least the roses are still intact).  It truly has been a good summer in the garden.  I hope you are finding time to enjoy creation today!



  1. What beautiful flowers. Wish I could have seen that chipmunk. I bet it made you laugh.

  2. So beautiful..we have chipmunks around our home too.

    Have a great weekend. xoxoxo

  3. beautiful pics Renee! would have loved to see the chipmunk.

  4. Your garden is beautiful, Renee. I'm afraid the heat (and the lack of my attention) has made mine pretty sad. I'll bet your chipmunk was cute. We have a couple of squirrels playing near our shed, but no chipmunks.

  5. The garden looks so beautiful this year, we have had somuch rain I am sure it has helped. Usually everything can be a bit crispy by now. The chipmunk must have been so cute!

  6. beautiful photos and flowers... what a good idea to have them to look at when the winter winds are blowing and the snow is falling.

  7. Your garden flowers are so beautiful!!

    When we were very young kids, living out in an area where there were many chipmunks. My dad caught one and kept it for a pet! Poor chipmunk! I have to admit, us kids sure have a good memory of watching him run around on the wheel. I don't remember how long we kept him, was too young. I will have to ask my dad the next time I talk to him! :)
    Have a blessed day!
    @}~`}~~~ Gloria


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