Wednesday, July 21, 2010

It's Back...

When I was a teenager my parents, along with the help of my two brothers decided to build me a dollhouse for Christmas.  This included making the furniture and my Mom made all the rugs, doilies, curtains and bedding.  At the time I had a canopy bed and the ugliest most trendy bedding around.  My Mom snipped some fabric off my bedding and made the doll bed as a replica of my own bed. 

My daughter and I were shopping recently and as we rounded the corner in the fabric store, this caught her eye.  She gave me a quizzical look and asked me if this was the same fabric as my doll bed.  Curiosity was killing us so we purchased a small bit and brought it home.  It's a close second, don't you think?  Just missing the army green background.  For some reason, this has made me feel really OLD.  Since this is not in my color palette (at all) what on earth do I do with this fabric now?



  1. Wow...those fabrics are so close...the color palette is exactly the same! What a fun find!

  2. styles always come back!!
    you are super crafty! i know you will turn it to something super cute!

  3. Wow that is a close second! Make pot holders. It's not a fabric you will worry about getting spaghetti sauce stains on.

  4. Isn't that neat that a little something like that piece of fabric could bring back good memories of your doll house and floral bedspread? Good story.

  5. Isn't it funny the things that make us feel our age (or older)! darn why does that have to happen....what a close match! Wow!

    Hmmm....maybe you could make a grocery bag????

  6. Oh my goodness, they are so close! I have a picture of my mom and I (I lost her when I was 3) next to her bed and the bedspread is so close to the same design as your little doll house bed! :o) It must have been in the same time frame.
    I was thinking you could make something special for your daughter if she likes the fabric. :o)
    Also, have you ever made a braided rug? You can combine white to that fabric and make little hot pads using the same idea? That is what I would do. :o) V and Co. has a tutorial that I used. The hot pads are thick enough so the surface of your table won't burn. :o) She made hers into a rug. I did not have enough fabric to do that and the hot pad was a quick project. :o)
    You will have to show us what you decide on!! :o)
    Sincerely ~ Tricia
    Ps. I adore your little doll house. What a special keepsake you have! :o)

  7. The first fabric reminded me of some sheets I had as a kid, in a different color way. Now I know why! I was thinking just like Carrie, make a shopping bag!

  8. It is really close!!! I think it's pretty. Everything old is new again.:)

  9. I know my Joanne Fabrics takes returns:>) Interesting how everything old is new again. The fabrics are so close!

  10. I'm glad that YOU are back. Hope you have a great day.

  11. I can easily see how that fabric caught the attention of your memory bank! That doll house must have brought you many hours of comforting playtime.
    I actually think it is cute! I like the white background, it freshens the fabric up!
    Maybe you could make a little traveling purse to carry your jewelry or make-up in. Possibly for your daughter? :)
    Have fun!
    @}~`}~~~ Gloria

  12. You know that saying "Everything old is new again" Maybe that means us too. LOL.
    I'm kinda on a tote mindset right now, but how abut a large tote?

  13. Will you post more pics of your doll house? Pretty please? I can only imagine how gorgeous the entire thing is!



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