Monday, June 28, 2010

Happy Monday!

(Couldn't resist showing you the amazing variety of colors in this hydrangea)

The barn sale was a huge success.  It was fun to see our returning customers and to make new friends.  I am thoroughly exhausted from being on my feet for hours at a time but enjoyed every bit of it.  One favorite moment was when a little girl about 7 years old came up to me with the most darling vintage sewing kit.  She knew she wanted it and had a fist full of dollars.  After pulling out the couple of bills needed I asked her if the kit was for her, and with a big smile she nodded her head.  I think it was in that moment that I decided I would like to teach young girls to quilt.  I'll have to ponder this and see if I can form a plan by this fall.

I forced myself to limit my spending this year.  I really wanted to make a profit not spend my earnings.  It was hard but I'm so glad I didn't come home with a bunch of impulse buys.  I did get this pretty aqua step stool.  It had been refurbished by my friend, John, who also made the pink kitchen island.  He had a price of $14 on it, and I knew it was coming home with me.

The only other purchase was this darling, vintage plant stand.  At $15 I knew it would look good in the pretty room along with all the other shabby items I have in there.  I thought it would also make a good cupcake stand if placed on a table with other desserts.

This package came on Saturday while I was at the barn.  I won a giveaway at the Happy Cottage Quilter.  Jocelyn is moving and she's been having a new beginnings party on her blog to celebrate.  I received a $10 Target gift card, the beautiful aqua fabric and a cute polka dot tote bag.  Thank you Jocelyn!  I love it!

Have a wonderful Monday.  I think I might be sneaking off to Shipshewana for a little fun today!



  1. OH I LOVE the step stool!!! What great treasures!! I know if I was there friday I would not have any money for the next month:)You gals had the nicest sale!! Let me know if John has more step stools! Have a great day in Indiana!! Elma

  2. Great treasures! I love those hydrangeas! They are my favorite flowers anyway, and those are especially beautiful!

  3. Looks like you found a couple of darling items!

  4. Love your finds!! I think we had one of those step stools growing up!

  5. I think the idea of teaching kids to quilt is awesome! I know Mac would come if we where near you.

  6. i love both of your purchases! sounds
    like a super fun day.


  7. You did a terrific job on restraint. And I like that you can use the "stand" in so many ways. And your friend's cafe looks yummy! Happy Monday

  8. Hi Annie!
    I'm still trying to figure out how to comment on your blog. It wants me to sign in but I don't know how, urghh! I'll keep trying! :)

  9. My grandmother had a plant stand like that...that is great
    Yes, do teach little girls to quilt. I love the fact there were women who taught me to sew at age 12. My mother taught me the most, but having a helping hand in teaching is wonderful.
    Passing the skills down is just awesome...

  10. I adore that step stool, how could you resist?

  11. Oh, it was such loveliness, reading this posting. I love your story about the little girl with her purchase of the vintage sewing kit. So endearing. And so special if that little moment inspires you to teach sewing to the young ones. Your two purchases are beautiful. I can just envision cupcakes on that shabby plant stand. And the step stool is wonderful. And how special that you won such a nice Giveway. Congratulations. Hope you have a beautiful week. Hugs ...

  12. Hi Renee, I am glad that the package arrived safely. Enjoy it :-)


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