Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Sit A Spell

There are many places in my home that I enjoy, but none compare to what we call the "Pretty Room".  It's here where the vintage, shabby, handmade and new all come together to create a peaceful place that I enjoy.

From old doors, like my pink door coffee table, to iron gates, to old wooden screen doors like the one in the first picture, everything seems to come together to create a style that I adore.

I decorate with scripture china, old tea cups, doilies, mirrors, hankies, candles, silk plants, cake toppers, vintage bibles, hymnals, and picture books (to name a few).

Many friends and family have added to my collections over the years.  From Char's hand painted picture above, to the footstool showcasing my Mom's cross-stitch and the Debbie's tea cups.   No matter what comes in, most of it has been used and loved by someone before me.  I find this a comforting thought as it seems to stitch us all together in time and place.

Be blessed,


  1. Such a pretty room indeed! I think recognize your rug. I used to oogle the designer's catalog all the time. What is the designers name?

  2. Love your pretty room, Renee. So much treasures in there. To cherish for ever, making the room even more prettier {if possible}. xx

  3. I LOVE IT! I love pink too! These things are so me, although my home does not so much reflect this look. I want to paint and shabby up my furniture so bad, but my husband would have a stroke and think that I had gone mad! Oh well,, maybe one day I can easeeee into the look and he won't notice it so much! ha
    Take care!

  4. What a gorgeous room! Your table is beyond precious. If I were there I would definitely sit a spell.:)

  5. Ohhhh, so pretty!!! I love your room...:)That cross stitch? nest on your chair pad is a treasure indeed!

    What a beautiful place you have made for yourself!

    Enjoy and God bless...:)

  6. I can absolutely see why you love spending time in that room. So pretty!!!

    Thanks for your comment on my post and that you found some comfort in the words.


  7. Hi Renee! I love that pink coffee table! Very sweet room!!!


  8. Thanks so much for visiting Cornflake!

    I also love, love, love shabby chic and vintage. A very beautiful room indeed, just gorgeous! x

  9. I love all your vintage items and color choices. So very pretty!

  10. I love your room....had to scroll back....couldn't believe the first pic was an old screen looks fantastic!!! Happy crafting, Jenny


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