Saturday, May 1, 2010

Let's Play Ball

I'm off today to watch some baseball.
Looks like rain though, we'll see...

Last home game of the year for this college freshmen. 
Where does the time go?
I've been watching him play for 14 years and I love it every time.

Have a great Saturday,


  1. We had thunderstorms this morning (love that!) and maybe more on the way, although for now it looks clearer and has stopped raining. I hope you don't get rained out!

  2. I remember that last hockey game I watched of our youngest son. It was so sad for us. We've watched our sons play hockey for so long. Enjoy the game.

  3. Boy has he grown up! I remember when he was born. Just got home from watching J play soccer. It was awesome too! :)

  4. Sweet years of watching a young one grow up playing ball. Love it!! Our daughter played softball for nine years and it was so much fun. I truly miss it. Thanks for the walk down memory lane :)

  5. Time flies, my sweet friend....

    Hope you're having a great weekend! xx

  6. Have fun watching the ball game!! Enjoy your weekend...:)

  7. It goes by so fast. I have 3 that grew up playing baseball and football. Now my youngest coaches High School baseball and we have 2 grandkids playing. There's always a game somewhere. You will have grandkids to watch someday. I love watching my son coach too. I know how you enjoy every minute.

  8. I hope the game went well. I guess the up-side to this could be more craft Happy crafting, Jenny

  9. goes too fast...that is for sure! Gotta cherish the moments!


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