Saturday, May 8, 2010

Dogwood Blossoms

The other night I went to a private estate sale.  This appliqued dogwood quilt was folded and hiding under a pile of blankets.  It was filthy, dirty.  I could not even tell that the top was white.  I kept debating with myself and then thought maybe it just needed some love.

I took it home and soaked it overnight in Vintage Textile Soak.  I could not believe my eyes the next morning.  It looked fabulous!  I wish I had taken a picture of the scalloped edge for you.  I am so glad I spent the $20 and brought it home.

I also purchased this tablecloth for $5 which was badly stained with yellow spots.  It soaked all night with the quilt and at least 85% of the stains came out.  Vintage Textile Soak is amazing.

I'm going to be using my favorite lavender ironing water to iron the tablecloth.  I purchase this often at a local barn sale.  I love the way they package it.  The ball jar holds the refill, so pretty.

I have been reading about these two books on a lot of blogs and thought I would check them out myself. Wonderful patterns, I could see myself making most of the quilts in the Schnibbles book and I can't say that for many quilt books.   

Have a fun Saturday!

With joy,


  1. I have yet to see the Schnibbles book, but I did buy the Scrap book and I really like the patterns. Great way to use up stash.

  2. What a find! Isn't it fun discovering treasures like that at estate sales?

    I just received the Schnibbles book yesterday - like you, I adored so many and am planning a trip to the quilt store for fabric to make the X Rated pattern this week. It's a gem of a book!

  3. I love that Dogwood Blossom Quilt! It's so beautiful!

  4. Beautiful Dogwood Quilt!


  5. What a beautiful quilt Renee !!

    I love it very much !!!

    Happy weekend ! hugs from Ria

  6. THat dogwood blossom quilt is simply stunning! GReat deal too. I bought an old butterfly quilt at Goodwill last year and got it for %50 off...still paid $40 for it and it wasn't in great shape....

  7. Love your gorgeous new quilt! Happy Mother's Day, Friend!

  8. You have such an incredible eye when it comes to those estate sales! What a pretty treasure!

    Have a wonderful Mother's Day!

  9. Congratulations on your purchases, Renee. I haven't heard of Schnibbles before! Happy crafting, Jenny

  10. Wow! What a treasure, Renee. I have seen so many stained linens at antique stores and haven't had the courage to take a chance on being able to restore them. Thank you for your recommendation for the textile soak. I'm going to get some to have on hand. I love vintage tablecloths, too. Went through a spell a few years ago of buying some on ebay. It was always such a joy when the packages arrived in the mail. I love your pictures.

  11. What wonderful finds! I once found a grungy quilt at a flea market for $1. It was so brown and grungy I had to drive home with the windows open, it stunk! I soaked it in Biz and it came out beautiful. I hadn't even realized it was supposed to be white. Don't you love rescuing something special?


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