Monday, April 12, 2010

Off And Running...

Today is one of those Mondays when there are a bunch of small things that need to be done.  Busy stuff like signing my daughter up for drivers ed and getting my oil changed, etc... when I would rather be sewing.  I glanced up and saw my sign this morning that my friend, Diane, had given me a couple of years ago and thought, "yes, my bobbin is full today".

Yesterday I started a new quilt for a young man who is graduating.  It's fun to use these colors when I'm used to all my pretty floral pastels.  This will be a quick one and I'll show you more later.

I'm feeling a bit guilty today too.  As you can see, Max wants to play.  Max just can't play a little, it needs to be exhausting him in order to stop.  So he'll have to wait.  Don't they just break your heart sometimes?

May you get to cross off much on your to-do list today!



  1. I too have lots of "little things" to do on my list today. sometimes I think those are the hardest to one to get done. I want to garden today!

  2. is full for me too. But I would rather it be that way than empty! Full but blessed!
    Have a beautiful week!

  3. Oh yes...always lots of little things to do on my list daily. C: I love your stack of quilts and the sign. Max is so sweet...what a good doggie.



  4. I love your sign. Yes, I think a lot of us have Mondays like that. Got my errands done early and had some sewing time too. Hope you got some time in to sew.

  5. My whole week is going to be one of those weeks...looking forward to Saturday!


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