Saturday, April 24, 2010

In Search of Color

It is a grey, dreary day in southwest Michigan.  Camera in hand, I'm off to find some color.  Let's start with some fun sock yarn...

super fabulous Japanese fabric and buttons

100+ year old quilt squares

DMC embroidery floss

luscious jelly roll of fabric

swirls of color felted pincushion

yellow rose doily

What are you in search of today?



  1. Love your colorful Blog and especially that you share your love of our Lord & Savior! Keep up the strong witness, new friend.
    Mary P

  2. I love those cute buttons and the antique quilt squares! You've got lots of goodies.:)
    PS Renee, did you post about a good embroidery book? I was trying to find it and couldn't. I need on with really GOOD instruction pics.:)

  3. Beautiful and colorful finds...I love them all!

  4. always on the search, for whatever!!!lol, I think I like to many things!

  5. I too have done a post about colour this week!! May your days be filled with rainbows, Jenny


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