Thursday, April 1, 2010

Book of Inspiration

Last night was one of those wonderful spring evenings, sunny, birds singing, gentle breeze blowing.  I love it because it's not hot yet and you can wear a light sweater and not be cold.  I grabbed my new book and headed out to the porch.  The "Where Women Create" team has done it again.  They've produced a wonderful, inspiring collection of studios that you won't want to miss.

They can take the most ordinary of things, like these knitting needles and turn the picture into a work of art.  I was feeling very inspired and I went inside and grabbed the camera.  I heard a groan from next to me and my daughter said the now famous words, "what are you doing with that?" to which I answered, "bloggertunity".  I believe that elicited another groan.

Ignoring all protests I snapped a picture of a favorite tile that always make me think of my mother's beautiful gardens...

and another one of this bird house.  Then I thought I'd take a chance and quickly snap one of her while she wasn't looking...

I was able to capture her diligently working on a bracelet for a friend.  Do you remember making these bracelets and plant hangers back in the 70's?  What is old is certainly new again.  Then I heard that groan and saw this...

the "look".  Ok, fine I can take a hint.  Let's get back to enjoying our porch sitting together.  You can stop sighing now.

Oh, for goodness sake, even Max is giving me the "look".  Back to my book.  Hope you are having a fun and productive day today!



  1. I love your word - bloggertunity. Keep up the good work.

  2. Inspiration IT IS!! Wow, I'm on my way now to find out how to get this wanna-have in my room ;o)
    Wishing you a happy happy Easter weekend, sweet Renee! xoxo

  3. I have not been able to find that magazine yet! I'll have to make a run to B&N today.:)

  4. Hey Renee...thanks for stopping by I was so encouaraged! Last night was indeed a wonderful spring evening. Looking forward to seeing more...bloggertunity.

  5. OK I just found your blog and I adore it!!!!!

  6. Thank you for visiting me...I so agree those WWC women inspire me to bits. Your images are so lovely as well...I adore the one of your daughter doing her bracelet. Hugs for a blessed Easter Weekend. xoxo


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