Friday, March 12, 2010

What was I thinking?

The rain started yesterday.  I love the sound of rain.  I'm so glad that my yard is getting a good washing.  Snow is very pretty when it's white and fluffy but after snow plows and decomposing leaves it's more like dirty slush.  Today, I thought I would take a good hard look at the longest unfinished quilt project on my list.  I want so badly to make this quilt for my bed, but honestly, the process is SO boring (there, I said it).  Strip after strip after strip of fabric sewn together.  I have to make 17 of these beauties (I made 16, last summer) and then cut them into 201 strip sets, just to be sewn back together again into 9 large blocks and borders.  What was I thinking?

I can almost hear you say to me, "You did this to yourself.  You picked this project because you saw this pattern in the June 2009 American Patchwork & Quilting and started dreaming of sleeping underneath such a creation."  Yes, I did.  Isn't it pretty?  But then, my fickle heart starts looking at "the others".

Oh yes, the free block of the month, the free patterns from blogs and websites, and the cutest bag pattern ever that Beverly sent me.  You know I'm not showing you the large container of quilt kits that give me that look whenever I walk into my sewing room.  So what's a girl to do?  I have a feeling you will tell me to tackle "Checkerboard Charm" because I will love it in the end.  I know I will too, because I always love, the most, the quilts that drive me absolutely nuts in the process. (sigh)



  1. Renee, I have those days too when nothing will work no matter how many times you have made it. With your checkerboard, if it is one strip from a variety of blocks, why not cut enough strips to do one block at a time when you are in the mood, or.....make the bag and hide the blocks in it! ha ha. happy crafting, Jenny

  2. I love that quilt! Plug away at it; you'll be glad you did. It's a beautiful pattern.

  3. Renne , if you do finish it, it will be lovely and worth your time. Do a little nit at a time and before you know if , you will have your quilt. It is too pretty to give up on it.

  4. Hi Renee,
    The quilt is beautiful and it will be so worth it in the end. This quilt is much like the Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt I am hand sewing. I told my husband I would make it for our 50th wedding anniversary...we'll celebrate our 23rd in August!! No pressure there. Do something like that, not so drastic though. It's a classic quilt, so it will still be wonderful next year and the year after that! Make one of the 9 squares a month. Call it Renee's Square a Month Club and do a post about it when it's done to show it off. It's March now, so you'll be done in December. Make other little projects in between to keep your creative juices flowing, but if you feel inspired one month to make 2 of the blocks, then it's because you "want" to, not because you "have" to. So funny that the song playing on your blog right now is "Free To Be Me". Maybe you can call it Free To Be Me Month...just sew that block anytime during the month. Good name for the quilt too.
    Ok, that comment was way too long. Just couldn't help myself. It's such a beautiful quilt and I know the feeling of uggghh, this is going to take forever. You just need to break it into little's much easier to chew!!
    Good luck,

  5. Checkerboard Charm is beautiful. And I think you will love it when you get it all done. I always have too many projects that need to be finished. Because a newer one always seems to catch my eye before the older one gets finished. Isn't that part of quilting??

  6. I'm working on my PhD's and having the same problem. "What was I thinking!!" or "WHY, again did I think this was a good idea??". Then I remember....1)turn the radio on really loud to get lost in the music, and it's all about enjoying the process...

    It will be beautiful when it's finished, so keep on pluggin' away!

  7. Oh I love that quilt! Since you already have 16 of the 17 strips sets made~ the fun will be starting soon!~ when you see those blocks coming together. :-) You can do it!! :-)

  8. There are some quilts that are worth the tedium, this would be one for me, too. It could be worse, it could be a project that is impossible to complete, by not having enough fabric or the ability. I would encourage you to do the next step, and see if it's not satisfying. You already know you'll love the end results!

  9. I won't tell you what to do. The stripped blocks are really beautiful! As for me, I know that I get tired of doing the same ol' thing. I might turn those chunks into some cute handbags or into pillows or....
    I sometimes need a bit of instant gratification. That's me.


  10. Keep Going!!!
    It is soooo beautiful that it is sooooo worth it!

  11. Oh my gosh, Renee, that quilt is going to be beautifu. Don't stop now, just divide it up into small sessions and it will get done. I get bored easily, so I usually have many projects going at a time. You have come too far to give up now. Thanks for the link and mention of my pattern too. You are a sweet friend.

  12. Oh, that is going to be BEAUTIFUL!!!!! Does that help any? I'm am so chicken and so fickle that I have never made more than a lap size quilt. I know myself too well about not finishing a large project. I will see yours all done one day and look with equal awe and envy ;-)

  13. the fabrics you are using are so beautiful! My vote is finish it!!!! it will be a stunner.....maybe just work on it twenty minutes a will be amazed what you accomplish!

  14. Hello Renee!

    Thank you so much for coming by to say hello! So thrilled you did! Yes, looks like we like a lot of the same things! Have a wonderful week and see ya soon!


  15. Hello,
    Thanks for stopping by sometimes thats how I find the cutest blogs! I added you to my list and will stop by often.


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