Monday, March 15, 2010

Looking for Spring

I decided to venture outside today and inspect the gardens for signs of spring.  I wasn't feeling very hopeful, one look at my climbing rose and fall Clemantis just about sent me back inside to the sewing machine.  I heard a whisper, "look closer to the ground."

Oh yes, through the dead leaves and decomposing garden waste lay the ever sturdy Day Lily.  I can always count on the Day Lily to reach out first.

And there is my friend, the Poppy.  One of the first plants to show foliage but one of the later ones to bloom in the spring.

I was so thrilled to see the magical Foxglove showing some color.  This flower comes up all over the garden and I just leave it where it lands.  Nothings says fairy garden, doll tea party and conversations with the rabbits like Foxglove.

But wait, what's this?  With closer inspection I realize it's not a plant, animal waste or THE missing sock.  No, it's a bone.  Buried during the winter, saved for later.  Max has walked by it several times and could care less.  Of course, he prefers socks...

Have you seen any signs of spring?



  1. I have been enjoying our first few warm days. I love the smells of Spring. They are always so refreshing.

  2. I go out and look in the yard too......I found something today...I was so excited!!!! crocus....

  3. Some artful pictures, Renee! I already felt the warmth on my face... too bad only two days.... I keep telling myself, Saskia, Spring is just around the corner.... Have a happy day!!

  4. I found some rhubarb today- haven't checked my clematis yet. We still have snow on the ground so some things may be peeking thru. I am sooo tired of winter.

  5. Renee
    I went out in my yard after I read your blog. I have tulips and day lillies. What fun!!!!


  6. my sure sign of spring at our new house?...the flags have been placed in holes on the golf course! Yeah spring!

  7. Renee, What a funny find last years dog bone! I sure hope Spring will start popping up soon for you. Come on over and stop by sometime. Hugs, Diane

  8. We are coming into Winter 'down here' . Being in Queensland, our weather is generally referred to as tropical. I'm an ex-Victorian (Queensland is North of New South Wales, Victoria is South of New South Wales), and the season I miss most, is Autumn, with the leaves changing colour. Enjoy your garden! Jenny

  9. I saw a weed popping up yesterday and i got all excited! bring on the Green!

    Isn't it funny what missing things we find?! I'd like to know where all the tiny pieces of trash come from! Were they there all Summer and I just didn't know it? ☺ ♥


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