Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Scripture and Roses

I was looking around the Pretty Room and noticed how many pieces of pottery I have with scripture verses and poems on them.  They always seem to find me at flea markets and jump into my hands.  Really, I don't have a choice, they must come home with me.
Many of them are adorned with beautiful roses and painted with gold trim.  They are such a lovely reminder of a gentler time in our society.
I particularly like this planter with the soft shades of pink dogwood.  Most of these pieces aren't marked so I don't know who made them, but I'm really glad they did.
The roses on this plate are so pretty.  This plate reads, "Give us this day our daily bread".  Let that be our prayer today, with thanksgiving.

Be blessed,


  1. Renee, I love your special pieces with scripture on them. My favorite is the vase with dogwood. What a great thing to collect. I am going to be on the lookout for them now.
    Glad you liked my love story. It was a condensed version and still too long.

  2. Those are some beautiful finds. I especially like the one with dogwood blooms. You are right--they are from a kinder gentler time!

  3. stopping by from SITS. great blog!!!!!

  4. Oh, you are so sweet...I am thrilled you like your neckalce and I am tickled pink you plan to do your wardrobe around it, hee hee. Spoken like a true lady!

    Thank you again, I will be back to see the feature, can't wait!

  5. I never noticed all of those in your pretty room before. I'll have to take a closer look.
    You always find the best stuff!!


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