Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Journal Covers

Tomorrow is my deadline to take two quilts to the quilter.  I got a little side-tracked and started making journal covers for my daughter and her friends who are having a retreat with their Bible Study group.  I just love these girls and the positive influence they are on my daughter.  Best of all, God has blessed them with two wonderful leaders Joyce (I love pretty little things) and Kelly who are two of my dear friends.  They have been doing a study called "And Bride Wore White".
I used fabric from my stash as well as vintage crochet trim, buttons and some crocheted crosses that my Mom had made for me years ago.  I really did enjoy this project and I'm having fun putting together little goodie bags for them.
So, I'm off to do some mad, crazy, sewing at record speed, quilting.  I don't know why I do this to myself but somehow I think I'm a bit more creative when I'm on a deadline.  Asking God to give you showers of blessings today.

With joy,


  1. Hi Renee , I have just joined you as a follower , I see I,m next to Angela (tracing rainbows) she lives in the next village to me . I love your book covers , more to the point the crochet on the fronts ,really nice , take a look at my blog if you have time----------cottonreel

  2. What terrific journal covers. I'm going to enjoy looking through your blog posts. Thanks for stopping in so I could find your place.


  3. How special the girls will feel when they receive your fabric covered note books. :o) They are just precious!
    :o) Trish

  4. "Mac" got her invitation yesterday and she is sad she can't be there. It was such an amazing study for her and I'm so thankful she got to be a part of it even though we are far away now. I won't tell her about these--they are amazing!! and so was the invite btw-you are so creative!!

  5. Aaahhh Renee, I am so glad that we put you in charge of these "little details" lol
    We asked for invitations and got those plus all of the other goodies! You are a Gift Giver Extraordinare! Thank You. You always make things very special.

  6. those are beautiful,they look so dainty but strong. thanks for stopping by my blog and I love your little saying "Asking God to give you showers of blessings today".thank you


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