Saturday, February 20, 2010

Flea Market Finds

I decided to take myself outside, brave the bitter cold and go treasure hunting.  I'm drawn to children's things for sure.  This little cutie cost $5 and now I just need to find/make a little doll to sit in it.
I couldn't pass this darling lamb planter up.  I have a friend who loves lambs and even though she knows it will be coming her way at some point I wanted to share it with you first.  An $8 find.  I love the blue.
I had just done the post on my scripture plates and look what I found!  $4.50 spent on an addition to my collection.  Isn't it pretty?
I couldn't get past the smocking on this little number.  It looks like it has never been worn.  I remember my baby who's now 15 wearing precious dresses like this.  Oh the sweetness of the memory.  I hope you enjoy your Saturday and can get out and enjoy yourself no matter the weather!

With joy,


  1. Renee: Thanks for following along with my blog. Love your finds posted here; I'd have bought that same things! Looking forward to reading more from you.

  2. Wonderful finds there. I love the high chair. The smocked dress is beautiful. Have a wonderful Saturday as well.

  3. You always find the cutest things! You definitely have an eye for treasures!
    Your Lamb Friend,
    Joyce Ha ha

  4. Hey You...

    Did you go on a tresure hunt without me?

    Love the chair......

  5. your blog is adorable....and I LOVE that chair!


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