Friday, January 22, 2010

My Kitchen

I'm inviting you today on a tour of my kitchen.  I've really enjoyed its transformation and thought I would share it with you.  After my son left for college this past fall I decided I needed a project.  My kitchen at the time was painted red and as much as I liked it, it was too dark for a house that doesn't get much sunlight.  So I had it painted a pretty yellow.  Then the fun part began.  First I made new valance from Aunt Gracie fabric and a big yellow buffalo check fabric I had in my stash.

My friend Nancy sells the cutest oilcloth in her cafe and so I bought some to liven up the counter tops.  The magnetic knife holder project came from The Farm Chicks website.  It's so much fun working with those knives!  I just love my pink mixer, I'm convinced every girl should own one.

My little baking area is one of my favorite spots.  I saw the idea to use the teacups as scoops a couple of years ago in a magazine.  They certainly draw attention from visitors.  I was thrilled to find the pink capped spice set on one of my excursions.  Two of the caps were black so I bought some paint and mixed the colors to match the other ones and you would never know the difference.  The pink measuring bowl is from Longaberger.  Every year they have some new pink pieces for breast cancer awareness and I can hardly wait each year to see what's next.

This little beauty sits by my stove.  My friend Diane and I picked these up when we were "junking" together.  She got a pink one and I got the yellow.  She has graciously agreed to swap with me so I'll be making a change soon.  My next project for this kitchen is to find a better island.  I'd like one made from a dresser, painted pink, with butcher block on top.  I just need to find the right pieces.  So much fun and my husband doesn't mind the pink!  I'd also like to find a vintage cookie jar that goes with my theme.  So far, all the ones I like are way out of my price range.  I can wait, the thrill of the hunt is as fun as decorating, don't you think?

My God bless the work of your hands today!



  1. I love your adorable kitchen!

  2. Hey Renee,

    I have always LOVED your or yellow. The yellow is so bright and cheerful. You always go out of your way to make us feel so special while we are there. Thanks you!


  3. What a precious kitchen! I wish wish wish I could paint my cabinets a pretty white like yours. :o)

  4. Renee, Your kitchen is adorable. The tea cups are a sweet idea and the oil cloths give pretty little bright spots. You did a great job. Kathi

  5. I love your kitchen. Those knives do look like so much fun! What a wonderful space to cook in!

  6. Hi Renee-
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I just think your kitchen is perfect. I have to say my favorite part is the little play kitchen. How cute and clever. I love all the yummy colors you used.
    Diane @


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