Friday, January 8, 2010

My Issues (some of them...)

Yesterday, Teresa, at Meadowbrook Farms did a post on "to purge or not to purge" which is always the million dollar question. I thought I would share some of my "issues" with you. The birds, above, started out as two I inherited from my Grandma. I now have 27. I felt like I was dishonoring her memory if I saw one and let it pass. Geez. Well, if I ever have a baby shower and need a center piece for 27 tables...

My daughter started collecting salt & pepper shakers as a way to stay entertained while I scoured flea markets. This pair is my favorite.

Here are more of my favorites. I won't tell you how many we now have. It's embarrassing.

Holt Howard Pixieware is the newest collection. I totally blame my friend, Diane, because she said I should do it and I usually listen to her. Diane, please don't be jumping off any bridges soon...

One of my favorites is this Hazel Atlas Crinoline dish set. It sits in a glass-front cupboard in my kitchen and I can pretend I live back in time when I look at them. They make me smile. How about you, what is your "issue"?

Showers of blessings,


  1. I'm pretty good about purging on a regular basis. I have pretty much outlawed collections for myself {they were OUT OF CONTROL when I was a kid}.

    I LOVE those dishes BTW.

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  3. Love these things. I think if they make you smile they are worth keeping!!

  4. Oh. . . I'm not gonna be any help for you on this one. . . I think your collections are wonderful! Mine is pretty easy. . . fabrics. . . even if I think I may never get around to using some of them. . . I can't yet part with some of them. I just look at them & dream . . . !
    xo, Bren

  5. I love your collections!! They are amazing pieces! I would say my "issue" would be collecting Jadeite dishes! I get them at Christmas and my birthday and I have a full cupboard of them!

  6. oh, wow! i would love for those dishes to be my issue! love them!

    (the link is acting crazy, so i'll sign my name!)

    Tasha, from A Little Sweetness :)

  7. I collect cribbage boards...I know weird but the Hubby won't let me decorate so I have to have something....


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