Thursday, January 28, 2010

Little Chicks

We got blasted with snow yesterday and overnight.  My daughter was hoping for a snow day so she wouldn't have to take her last final.  No such luck.  Almost needed to be picked up by snowmobile but somehow I got her there this morning.  I have got to finish t-shirt quilts for customers, but keep getting distracted by these little chicks.  Lea, over at Farmhouse Blessings, got me hooked when I saw her little chickies.  She really shouldn't have told me the name of the pattern because now I can't stop and by the looks of the picture, I've got plenty to make.  I'm thinking that I want to use some of my Celebration fabric from Little Acorns.  But Brenda, I can't seem to make myself cut into it, it's too beautiful.  I honestly pick it up, take my scissors, and put it back down.  Am I fabric obsessed or what?  Is there any fabric that you just can't bring yourself to cut into?

Stay warm today and be joyfilled,


  1. I love your little chicks. Can't wait to see your quilt when it is fnished. Very cute!


  2. Hi Renee! . . You know what? I felt the same way. . . (but I got over that!) lol! It's funny - when I saw one of your chicks - at first I thought one of them was one of the 'Celebration' prints. They would be adorable as some of the chickies!. . (. . . & remember - there will be more fabric lines!) :o)
    xo, Bren

  3. Oh Renee! What fun, those chick are too cute! Now, not only do I have Magazine Envy, but I am going to have Quilt Envy too!
    Oh, and yes I do become paralyzed with my scissors in hand when I am about to cut really beautiful fabric. I don't know if I can ever get past that feeling. We may both need fabric therapy. :D


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