Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A Gift To Myself

I found a box waiting for me yesterday. I had forgotten that I had ordered myself a gift for my birthday. I have been looking for an affordable dress form and found one at Etsy. Very fun to have it come on my birthday. I put it in my sewing room with a vintage dress I found at the Junk Bonanza in Minn. in the fall. My Mom-in-law gave me the crocheted apron years ago and I had the fun pearls from one of my excursions. I can see that this little vignette is going to change often. I also want to share with you the little doll dress and form that I bought last year at my friend, Nancy's store. It sits on top my fabric cabinet. I just think it's so cute! I hope your Wednesday is bringing you peace and blessings!

With joy,


  1. I've always wanted a dress form, but never had room for one. I love the way yours looks next to your fabric cupboard. Won't it be fun to dress her differently from time to time. Now, I probably could find room for the doll dress form if I were to find one. Cute little dress on it too.
    Great birthday present to receive from yourself.

  2. What a very sweet gift to give yourself. :) Everyone needs one!


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