Saturday, November 14, 2009

My Fabric Addiction

Today was a beautiful fall day, sun was shining brightly and I thought a little field trip might be in order. So, Joyce and I decided to venture to Shipshewana, the Amish community about 45 minutes south of us. What a great drive, great conversation. We wanted to go look at fabric at two wonderful stores there. Well, as you can see from the picture, I NEED MORE FABRIC! What I think I need is addiction counseling. This is crazy! Does it look like I need anymore fabric? I bought a pattern book too...glad you can't see the book cabinet. Sad thing is, if I went through and looked, I might have the fabric I just purchased, it has happened before. So clearly I need to take a good look at my issues. We did enjoy ourselves, and we had a wonderful lunch at my favorite "Garden Gate Cafe" the only thing missing was my friend, Nancy, who owns the darling place. It's all about cupcakes there, from desserts to decor. She honestly makes the best cupcakes I've ever had. Cupcakes, fabric and friends, now that's a great day!

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